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  • Trent
    May 14th, 2011

    Hey all!

    I’m starting off my music awards in the same fashion as my TV/TV Trash awards. Here’s how it works:

    I’m gunna list the competitive categories and the amount of nominees I will have in each category. To submit your ballot, send me a private message on GoldDerby (put your cursor over my username and click “Send Message”). Sebd me your ballot ranked from one to however many nominees I ask for each category. It will be a point system. Your first place vote will get one point, your second place vote gets two, and so on. The person with the least amount of points will get a nomination, and then the second least, and so on. Nominees will be announced in one week (Sunday, October 30). Here are the categories:

    Artist of the Year (6 Nominees)
    Song of the Year (6 Nominees)
    Record of the Year (6 Nominees)
    Album of the Year (6 Nominees)
    Best New Artist (6 Nominees)

    Best Pop Artist (5 Nominees)
    Best Rock Artist (5 Nominees)
    Best R&B/Soul Artist (5 Nominees)
    Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (5 Nominees)
    Best Dance Artist (5 Nominees)
    Best Country Artist (5 Nominees)
    Best Alternative Artist (5 Nominees)

    Best Pop Album (5 Nominees)
    Best Rock Album (5 Nominees)
    Best R&B/Soul Album (5 Nominees)
    Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album (5 Nominees)
    Best Dance Album (5 Nominees)
    Best Country Album (5 Nominees)
    Best Alternative Album (5 Nominees)

    Best Musical Score Written for Broadway Theatre (5 Nominees)
    Best Musical Album for Broadway Theatre (5 Nominees)

    Feel free to send your ballots in. Enjoy democracy. 

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