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  • awardskel
    Nov 6th, 2010

    Thoughts? Remember that even a bad movie can have a great
    trailer. The Hunger Games is one solid example. It sets the tone, introduces
    the characters and the story and may even utilize archival music to remind us
    of trailers in the past that we have loved.

    My personal choice here is Skyfall. It’s action-packed yet slightly humorous
    (Bardem’s hair!), introduces Daniel Craig like we have never before seen him as
    Bond (he just gets better in the role as time passes), and shows off some
    excellent technical achievements (namely the cinematography). I was skeptical
    of Sam Mendes being named as director. Usually, when a respected director of
    dramas goes into blockbuster territory (ala Sam Raimi, Gary Ross, etc…), they
    get sucked in and it takes forever and a day for them to make the films that
    made them great directors in the first place. Raimi has yet to prove himself
    capable of returning, and with the new Oz movie, well, oh well…only Steven
    Spielberg has proved himself able to move between blockbuster and drama

    2nd choice is The Hunger Games. Yah, I know…but the emotion is there and it
    got me hooked, not to mention the great campy makeup and hairstyling. Plus
    J-Law showed more acting ability in this 2-min trailer than she had in the
    entire Winter’s Bone film. Too bad I had to see the movie.

    3rd choice is Flight. Not too much to say on this yet other than that it is
    nice to see Denzel back in drama territory for the first time in about 11 years
    (excluding his so-so GG-nominated work in American Gangster). It’s also nicely
    paced and doesn’t have any overacting…not sure what Melissa Leo has to do in
    the film. That could easily be an underwritten part.

    4th choice is Magic Mike. Never before have I been a fan of Rihanna, but that
    song is the perfect choice for the trailer along with the use of glitzy stage
    lights behind the captions. This is what life should be like, free of
    responsibility and full of charm. It entices us to want more and allows us to
    escape our lives for a brief few moments.

    May 29th, 2011

    Anna Karenina

    Beasts was my 2nd choice

    I also enjoyed les mis and The Master

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