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  • EMS
    Oct 11th, 2011

    Question for long-time users:

    So I see that if you make your predictions as soon as a competition opens, you get 100/1 odds on everything?  (For example, I made my Oscar 2014 predictions shortly after the nominations occurred and currently have 100/1 odds on every option in all but six categories– including for obvious winners J.K. Simmons, Linklater, Moore, and others.)

    A) That’s ridiculous.  

    But B) if you’re going to do that, can anybody explain to me why last year, when people had a 100/1 on obvious frontrunners, they were only awarded $100 in winnings?  For example, if you go to (and I’m just using his as an example) Top 24 User “Sagrand”‘s predix from last year’s Oscars, you see that he logged a couple of obvious winners when the odds were 100/1.  If the odds are that and you wager 100 points, you should win 10,000 points.  However, he got a mere 100.  He won more off contenders with much lower odds.

    It seems that there’s a time where people are able to access the predictions page before odds are set.  I don’t think that should be allowed.  But if it is going to be, then people should get the points that the numbers suggest.

    As for me this year:
    I’ll take 100/1 odds on an obvious winner, but if it’s only going to get me 100 pts, then I deserve to know that so I can decide whether to risk lower odds that somehow provide higher winnings.

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