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  • pulp50
    Feb 13th, 2017

    Stranger Things
    Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers: B-
    Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street: B-
    Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly: A
    Chapter Four: The Body: A-
    Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat: A
    Chapter Six: The Monster: A-
    Chapter Seven: The Bathtub: A-
    Chapter Eight: The Upside Down: A
    Season: A-

    The Americans
    Amber Waves: A
    Pests: A-
    The Midges: B+
    What’s the Matter With Kansas?: B
    Lotus 1-2-3: A
    Crossbreed: A-

    Bojack Horseman
    Start Spreading the News: B+
    The BoJack Horseman Show: A-
    BoJack Kills: B+
    Fish Out of Water: A+
    Love And/Or Marriage: A-
    Brrap Brrap Pew Pew: A-
    Stop the Presses: A-
    Old Acquaintance: B
    Best Thing That Ever Happened: A-
    It’s You: A
    That’s Too Much, Man!: A
    That Went Well: A
    Season: A-

    Insecure as Fuck: B+
    Messy as Fuck: B
    Racist as Fuck: B+
    Thirsty as Fuck: B+
    Shady as Fuck: C+
    Guilty as Fuck: C
    Real as Fuck: A-
    Broken as Fuck: B+
    Season: B

    Santa Clarita Diet
    So Then a Bat or a Monkey?: B-
    We Can’t Kill People!: D
    We Can Kill People D+

    Better Call Saul
    Mabel: A-

    The Crown
    Wolferton Splash: B-
    Hyde Park Corner: B
    Windsor: B-
    Act of God: B+
    Smoke and Mirrors: A-
    Gelignite: C
    Scientia Potentia Est: B
    Pride & Joy: B+
    Assassins: A
    Gloriana: A-
    Season: B

    Elizah: A-
    When the Battle Is Over: B
    To Sardines and Back: A
    Just the Facts: A-
    Oh Holy Night: A
    The Open Road: A
    Life Sucks and Then You Die: A-
    If I Were a Bell: A
    Off the Grid: C+
    Exciting and New: A
    Season: A-

    Rick and Morty
    The Rickshank Redemption: A+

    American Crime
    Season Three: Episode One: A-
    Season Three: Episode Two: A-
    Season Three: Episode Three: A-
    Season Three: Episode Four: A
    Season Three Episode Five: A-

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Where Is Josh’s Friend?: A-
    When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?: A-
    All Signs Point to Josh… Or Is It Josh’s Friend?: B
    When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?: B+
    Why Is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?: B
    Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?: C+
    Who’s the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?: B-
    Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?: B
    When Do I Get To Spend Time with Josh?: A-
    Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?: B+
    Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right?: A-
    Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?: B
    Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?: A
    Season B+

    The Original: B-
    Chestnut: B
    The Stray: B
    Dissonance Theory: B+
    Contrapasso: C+
    The Adversary: B-
    Trompe L’Oeil: B-
    Trace Decay: B-
    The Well-Tempered Clavier: B-
    The Bicameral Mind: C+
    Season B-

    Jane the Virgin
    Chapter Forty-Five: A-
    Chapter Forty-Six: B
    Chapter Forty-Seven: B+
    Chapter Forty-Eight: B-
    Chapter Forty-Nine: A-
    Chapter Fifty: C+
    Chapter Fifty-One: A-
    Chapter Fifty-Two: C+
    Chapter Fifty-Three: B+
    Chapter Fifty-Four: C
    Chapter Fifty-Five: A-

    The Young Pope
    Episode 1: B
    Episode 2: B+
    Episode 3: B
    Episode 4: B+
    Episode 5: A
    Episode 6: B+
    Episode 7: B+
    Episode 8: A-
    Episode 9: A-
    Episode 10: A-
    Season: A-

    Chapter 1: A-
    Chapter 2: A-
    Chapter 3: A-
    Chapter 4: A
    Chapter 5: A
    Chapter 6: A-
    Chapter 7: A
    Chapter 8: C+
    Season: A-

    Survival of the Fittest: C-
    Hardball: D
    Fates Worse Than Death: D
    The Belt: D-
    They All Bow Down: F
    Extinction: D+
    A Traitor Among Us: F
    A Stomach For Blood: F

    The Good Fight
    Inauguration: B-
    First Week: A-
    The Schtup List: B-
    Henceforth Known as Property: C-
    Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate: A-
    Social Media and Its Discontents: C-
    Not So Grand Jury: B-
    Reddick v Boseman D+
    Self Condemned: A-

    Feud: Bette and Joan
    Pilot: B
    The Other Woman: A-
    Mommie Dearest: A-
    More, or Less: A-
    And the Winner Is… (The Oscars of 1963): B+
    Hagsploitation: C

    The Big Bang: A-
    Street on Lock: A-

    Big Little Lies
    Somebody’s Ded: B-
    Serious Mothering: C
    Living the Dream: B+
    Push Comes to Shove: C+
    Once Bitten: B+
    Burning Love: B-
    You Get What You Need: C-
    Season: C+

    Season 1 Episode 1: B+
    Season 1 Episode 2: A-
    Season 1 Episode 3: A-

    One Day at a Time
    This Is It: B-
    Bobos and Mamitas: B-
    No Mass: B
    A Snowman’s Tale: B-
    Strays: A-
    The Death of Mrs. Resnick: B+
    Hold, Please: A-
    One Lie at a Time: A-
    Viva Cuba: A-
    Sex Talk: A
    Pride & Prejudice: A-
    Hurricane Victor: B+
    Quinces: A
    Season: A-

    The Good Place
    Pilot: B-
    Flying: B-
    Tahani Al-Jamil: B-
    Jason Mendoza: B+
    Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis: B+
    What We Owe to Each Other: B+
    The Eternal Shriek: A-
    Most Improved Player: A-
    …Someone Like Me as a Member: A-
    Chidi’s Choice: A
    What’s My Motivation: A
    Mindy St. Claire: A-
    Michael’s Gambit: A
    Season: A-

    This Is Us
    Pilot: A-
    The Big Three: B+
    Kyle: A
    The Pool: A
    The Game Plan: B
    Career Days: B-
    The Best Washing Machine In The World: B-
    Pilgrim Rick: B
    The Trip: B-
    Last Christmas: D+
    The Right Thing to Do: B
    The Big Day: C
    Three Sentences: B
    I Call Marriage: D+
    Jack Pearson’s Son: B
    Memphis: A
    What Now?: B-
    Moonshadow: B-
    Season: B-

    13 Reasons Why
    Tape 1, Side A: C
    Tape 1, Side B: C
    Tape 2, Side A: C-
    Tape 2, Side B: D+
    Tape 3, Side A: C-
    Tape 3, Side B: D-
    Tape 4, Side A: F
    Tape 4, Side B: C-
    Tape 5, Side A: C+
    Tape 5, Side B: C-
    Tape 6, Side A: D-
    Tape 6, Side B: C
    Tape 7, Side A: C
    Season: D+

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    Jan 4th, 2017

    The Six Thatchers: C
    The Lying Detective: B
    The Final Problem: C

    A Christmas Special: B-

    The Walking Dead
    The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be: A+
    The Well: A-
    The Cell: A-
    Service: A
    Go Getters: B
    Swear: C-
    Sing Me a Song: A
    Hearts Still Beating: B+
    Rock in the Road: B-
    New Best Friends: C
    Hostiles and Calamities: B-
    Say Yes: D
    Bury Me Here: A
    The Other Side: C
    Something They Need: D
    The First Day of the Rest of your Life: B

    Luke Cage
    Moment of Truth: B
    Code of the Streets: B
    Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?: A-
    Step in the Arena: B+
    Just to Get a Rep: A-
    Suckas Need Bodyguards: A-
    Manifest: B+
    Blowin’ Up the Spot: B-
    DWYCK: B
    Take it Personal: B-
    Now You’re Mine: B-
    Soliloquy of Chaos: C-
    You Know My Steez: B

    Marvel’s Daredevil — Season 2
    Bang: A
    Dogs to a Gunfight: A-
    New York’s Finest: B+
    Penny and Dime: A
    Kinbaku: B-
    Regrets Only: B-
    Semper Fidelis: B
    Guilty as Sin: B-
    Seven Minutes in Heaven: B+
    The Man in the Box:B-
    .380: C+
    The Dark at the End of the Tunnel: C-
    A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen: D

    Stranger Things
    The Vanishing of Will Byers: B
    The Weirdo on Maple Street: B
    Holly, Jolly: B+
    The Body: A
    The Flea and the Acrobat: B
    The Monster: A
    The Bathtub: A-
    The Upside Down: A-

    Better Call Saul
    Mabel: A-

    Shameless — Season 6 (God I forgot they had two seasons in the same year)
    I Only Miss Her When I’m Breathing: B
    #AbortionRules: B-
    The F Word: A-
    Going Once, Going Twice: B
    Refugees: B
    NSFW: A
    Pimp’s Paradise: B+
    Be a Good Boy, Come for Grandma.: B
    A Yurt of One’s Own: B+
    Paradise Lost: A-
    Sleep No More: C
    Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!: A-

    A House Divided: B+
    Yolk: A-
    Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice: B
    Go Ask Roger: B
    Pineapples in Paris: A-
    Physics: A-
    Happy Unburdening: B-
    All I’m Sayin: A-

    Black Mirror
    Nosedive: A
    Playtest: B
    Shut Up and Dance: A
    San Junipero: B+
    Men Against Fire: D
    Hated in the Nation: B+

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    Jan 1st, 1970

    Difficult People
    Unplugged- B
    Kressler Epstein Foundation- B
    Italian Pinata- A-
    Blade Stallion- B-
    Patches- B
    36 Candles- B-
    Carter- B

    The New Edition Story
    101- B+

    Art and Life- B-

    The Most Hated Woman in America- C+

    House of Cards
    Chapter 53- C
    Chapter 54- C
    Chapter 55- C
    Chapter 56- B-

    Free at last- B-

    The White Princess
    In Bed With the Enemy- C+

    Wizard of Lies- F

    Anne with an E
    Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny- B-

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (B+)
    Kimmy Gets Divorced?!- B
    Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!- B+
    Kimmy Can’t Help You!- B+
    Kimmy Goes to College!- B
    Kimmy Steps on a Crack!- A
    Kimmy is a Feminist!- A-
    Kimmy Learns About the Weather!- B
    Kimmy Does a Puzzle!- B
    Kimmy Goes to Church!- A
    Kimmy Pulls Off a Heist!- B
    Kimmy Googles the Internet!- A-
    Kimmy and the Trolley Problem!- B
    “Kimmy Bites an Onion- A

    Master of None (A-)
    The Thief- A-
    Le Nozze- B+
    Religion- A-
    First Date- B+
    The Dinner Party- B
    New York, I love You- A-
    Door #3- B+
    Thanksgiving- A
    Amarsi Un Po- B+
    Buona Notte-B+

    BoJack Horseman (B+)
    Start Spreading the News- B-
    The BoJack Horseman Show- B+
    BoJack Kills- B+
    Fish Out of Water- A
    Love And/Or Marriage- B+
    Brrap Brrap Pew Pew- A-
    Stop the Presses- A-
    Old Acquaintance- B
    Best thing that ever happened- B
    It’s You- A-
    That’s Too Much Man- A-
    That Went Well- A-

    Schitt’s Creek
    Opening Night- B
    The Throuple- B
    New Car- B-
    Driving Test- B-
    Rooms by the hour- B

    American Gods
    The Bone Orchard- C
    The Secret of Spoons- B-
    Head Full of Snow- C+
    Git Gone- B
    Lemon Scented You- B-
    A Murder of Gods- C

    Dear White People (A-)
    Chapter I- A
    Chapter II- A-
    Chapter III- B-
    Chapter IV- A-
    Chapter V- A
    Chapter VI- A
    Chapter VII- A
    Chapter VIII- B-
    Chapter IX- B+
    Chapter X- A+

    The Handmaid’s Tale (A)
    Offred- A
    Birth Day- A
    Late- A
    Nolite Te Bastardes- A
    Faithful- A
    A Woman’s Place- A
    The Other Side- B
    Jezebels- B
    The Bridge- A
    Night- A

    Great News (B+)
    Pilot- B+
    Bear Attack- B
    Chuck Pierce is Blind- B+
    War is Hell- A
    Snowmageddon of the century- A-
    Serial Arsonist- B
    The Red Door- B-
    Celebrity Hacking Scandal- B+
    Carol has a Bully- B
    Carol’s Eleven- A

    Einstein: Chapter 1- B-
    Einstein: Chapter 2- B-

    Silicon Valley
    Success Failure- B-
    Terms of Service- B
    Intellectual Property- B+
    Teambuilding Exercise- B+
    The Blood Boy- B+
    Customer Service- C+
    Patent Troll- B+
    The Keenan Vortex- B+

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks- B

    The Law of Vacant Places- B
    The principle of restricted choice- B+
    The Law of Non-Contradiction- A-
    The Narrow Escape Problem- A-
    The House of Special Purpose- B-
    The Lord of No Mercy- A-?
    Who Rules the Land of Denial- A-
    Aporia- A

    Queen Sugar
    First Things First- C+

    The Leftovers (A)
    The Book of Kevin- A-
    Don’t be ridiculous- A
    Crazy Whitefella Thinking- A
    G’day Melbourne- A
    It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt World- A
    Certified- A
    The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother) – A
    The Book of Nora- A

    Guerilla (A)
    Episode 1- A+
    Episode 2- A
    Episode 3- A
    Episode 4- A+
    Episode 5- A-
    Episode 6- A+

    Omaha- B-
    The Library- B-
    Georgia- A-
    Justice- C+
    Chicklet- B
    Qatar- B-
    Blurb- B
    Judge- C

    Stranger things (A)
    Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers- B
    Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street- B+
    Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly- A
    Chapter Four: The Body- A
    Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat- A
    Chapter Six: The Monster- A
    Chapter Seven: The Bathtub- A
    Chapter Eight: The Upside Down- A

    Orange is the New Black (A)
    Work That Body for Me- A
    Power Suit- A
    (Don’t) Say Anything- A
    Doctor Psycho- A
    We’ll Always Have Baltimore- A
    Piece of Sh*t- A
    It Sounded Nicer in My Head- A+
    Friends in Low Places- A
    Turn Table Turn- A+
    Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull- A+
    People Persons- A+
    The Animals- A+
    Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again- A+

    Mr.Robot (B+)
    Eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc- B
    Eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc- B
    Eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd- B
    eps2.2_init_1.asec – B+
    eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc – B+
    eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes – A
    Eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme- A+
    Eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12- A+
    Eps2.7_init_5.fve- B
    Eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx- A+
    Eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z- B
    Eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z- B

    Pilot- B
    The Interim- B
    Beanball- A
    The Break- B
    Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez- B
    Wear It- A+
    San Francisco- B

    Designated survivor
    Pilot- B
    The First Day- B-
    The Confession- B-
    The Enemy- B
    The Mission- B-
    The Interrogation- C
    The Traitor- C-
    The Results- B-
    The Blueprint- B-
    The Oath- A

    Unreal (C+)
    Insurgent- B+
    Guerilla- B-
    Treason- C+
    Infiltration- C+
    Casualty- B
    Ambush- D-
    Fugitive- B
    Espionage- D
    Friendly Fire- C

    Luke cage (A-)
    Moment of Truth – A-
    Code of the Streets- A-
    Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?- A-
    Step in the Arena- A
    Just to Get a Rep- B+
    Suckas Need Bodyguards – B+
    Manifest- A
    Blowin’ Up the Spot- A
    DWYCK- B+
    Take It Personal – B
    Now You’re Mine – B
    Soliloquy of Chaos – A
    You Know My Steez- B-

    Preacher (B-)
    Pilot- B-
    See- B
    The Possibilities- B
    Monster Swamp- C+
    South Will Rise Again- B
    Sundowner- B+
    He Gone- B+
    Valero- C+
    Finish the Song- C+
    Call and Response- B-

    Scream Queens
    Scream Again- C
    Warts and All-D

    This is us (B+)
    Pilot- A
    The Big Three- B+
    Kyle- B+
    The Pool – B
    The Game Plan- B+
    Career Days- B
    The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World- A-
    Pilgrim Rick- A
    The Trip- B
    Last Christmas- A
    The Right Thing to Do- B
    The Big Day- A-
    Three Sentences- B
    I Call Marriage- B
    Jack Pearson’s Son- A-
    Memphis- A
    What Now?- B
    Moonshadow- B

    West world (B+)
    The Original- B
    Chestnut- B
    The Stray- B
    Dissonance Theory- A-
    Contrapasso- B
    The Adversary- B+
    Trompe L’Oeil- A
    Trace Decay- A-
    The Well-Tempered Clavier- A-
    The Bicameral Mind- A

    Ray Donovan (B)
    Girl with Guitar- C
    Marisol- B-
    Little Bill Primm’s Big Green Horseshoe- B+
    Federal Boobie Inspector- B
    Get Even Before Leavin’- B
    Fish and Bird- B+
    Norman Saves the World- B
    The Texan- B+
    Goodbye Beautiful- B+
    Lake Hollywood- B
    Chinese Algebra- B+
    Rattus Rattus- B+

    How to get away with murder (B)
    We’re Good People Now- B
    There Are Worse Things Than Murder- B
    Always Bet Black- B-
    Don’t Tell Annalise- B
    It’s About Frank- B-
    Is Someone Really Dead?- B-
    Call It Mother’s Intuition- B+
    No More Blood- B+
    Who’s Dead?- B+
    We’re Bad People- B+
    Not Everything’s About Annalise- B+
    Go Cry Somewhere Else- B
    It’s War- B
    He Made a Terrible Mistake- B
    Wes- B+

    Light in Darkness- B
    Sin That Amends- B-
    What Remains Is Bestial- B-
    Cupid Kills- B-
    One Before Another- B

    The get down
    Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure- B-
    Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames- A-
    Darkness Is Your Candle- B
    Forget Safety, Be Notorious- B
    You Have Wings, Learn to Fly- B

    The crown (B)
    Wolferton Splash- C+
    Hyde Park Corner- A
    Windsor- B+
    Act of God- A
    Smoke and Mirrors- B
    Gelignite- B+
    Scientia Potentia Est- B
    Pride & Joy- B+
    Assassins- A-
    Gloriana- A-

    Rectify (A)
    A House Divided- A
    Yolk- A
    Bob & Carol & Ted Jr. & Alice- A
    Go Ask Roger- A
    Pineapples in Paris- A
    Physics- A
    Happy Unburdening- A
    All I’m Sayin’- A

    Becoming: Part 1- A
    Becoming: Part 2- B
    Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?- B
    Gnome Your Enemy- B
    Waka Chaka!- B
    Win Lose or Draal- A
    To Catch a Changeling- B+
    Adventures in Trollsitting- B+
    Bittersweet Sixteen- B
    Young Atlas- A
    Recipe for Disaster- A
    Claire and Present Danger- A
    The Battle of Two Bridges- A

    Homeland (A-)
    Fair Game- B
    The Man in the Basement- B+
    The Covenant- B
    A Flash of Light- B+
    Casus Belli- A
    The Return- A
    Imminent Risk- B+
    Alt.truth- A
    Sock Puppets- A-
    The Flag House- A-
    R Is for Romeo- A
    America First- A

    The Night Of (B+)
    The Beach- B+
    Subtle Beast- B
    A Dark Crate- B+
    The Art of War- B
    The Season of the Witch- B+
    Samson and Delilah- A-
    Ordinary Death- A-
    The Call of the Wild- A

    The Young Pope
    Episode #1.1- B-
    Episode #1.2- B
    Episode #1.3- B
    Episode #1.4- B+

    Sneaky Pete
    Pilot- B
    Safe- B-

    The Path (B-)
    Liminal Twilight- B
    Dead Moon- B-
    The Father and the Son- C+
    The Red Wall- C
    Why We Source- C
    For Our Safety- B-
    Providence- B-
    Return- B
    Oz- B
    Restitution- B+
    Defiance- B+
    Mercy- A-

    24 Legacy
    12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.- B-
    1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.- C

    Billions (B)
    Risk Management- B+
    Dead Cat Bounce- B-
    Optimal Play- B
    The Oath- B+
    Currency- B
    Indian Four- B
    Victory Lap- B+
    Kingmaker- B-
    Sic Transit Imperium- B-
    With or Without You- B
    Golden Frog Time- A
    Ball in Hand- A-

    The Adventures of Supergirl- B+
    The Last Children of Krypton- B
    Welcome to Earth- B-
    Survivors- B+

    The Good Fight
    Inauguration- B+
    First Week- B+
    The Schtup List- B

    Bates Motel (B+)
    Dark Paradise- B+
    The Convergence of the Twain- B+
    Bad Blood- B-
    Hidden- B
    Dreams Die First- A-
    Marion- A+
    Inseparable- A-
    The Body- B
    Visiting Hours- A-
    The Cord- C

    The Americans (B)
    Amber Waves- B+
    Pests- B-
    The Midges- B-
    What’s the Matter with Kansas?- B-
    “Lotus 1-2-3”- A-
    Crossbreed- B-
    Immersion- A-
    IHOP- B+
    Darkroom- B
    Dyatkovo- A
    The World Council of Churches- B+
    The Soviet Division- A

    The Flash
    Flashpoint- C+
    Duet- B-

    13 reasons why (A-)
    “Tape 1, Side A”- A-
    “Tape 1, Side B”- A-
    “Tape 2, Side A”- A-
    “Tape 2, Side B” – A-
    “Tape 3, Side A” – A
    “Tape 3, Side B”-A
    “Tape 4, Side A”- B-
    “Tape 4, Side B”- B+
    “Tape 5, Side A”- A
    “Tape 5, Side B”- A
    “Tape 6, Side A”- B+
    “Tape 6, Side B”- A
    “Tape 7, Side A”- A

    Scandal (C+)
    Survival of the fittest- B-
    `Hardball- C+
    Fates worse the Death- C+
    The Belt- D
    They All Bow Down- C+
    Extinction- B-
    A Traitor Among Us- B-
    A Stomach for Blood- B-
    Dead in the Water- B-
    The Decision- D
    Trojan Horse- B-
    Mercy- B-
    The Box- B-
    Head Games- B
    Tick Tock- B
    Transfer of Power- C

    Baskets (B+)
    Freaks- B-
    Reverie- B
    Bail- B
    Ronald Reagan Library- B+
    Fight- A
    Marthager- B
    Denver- A
    The Funeral- A-
    Yard Sale- A-
    Circus- A

    Chapter One: The river’s edge- B-
    Chapter two: A touch of Evil- B-

    One Day at a time ( A-)
    This is it- B+
    Bobos and Mamitas- B
    No Mass- A+
    A Snowman’s Tale- A+
    Strays- B+
    The Death of Mrs. Resnick- A
    Hold, Please- B-
    One Lie at a time- B+
    Viva Cuba- A+
    Sex Talk- A+
    Pride and Prejudice- B
    Hurricane Victor- A+
    Quinces- A+

    Sherlock (B)
    Six Thatchers- C+
    The Lying detective- A
    The Final Problem- B-

    Pilot- C+

    Legion (A-)
    Chapter 1- A-
    Chapter 2- B
    Chapter 3- A
    Chapter 4- B
    Chapter 5-B+
    Chapter 6- A-
    Chapter 7- A
    Chapter 8- A

    Pilot- C+

    Blackish (B+)
    V.I.P.- D+
    God- B+
    40 Acres and a Vote- B
    Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man?- B+
    The Purge- A-
    Jack of all Trades- A
    Auntsgiving- A
    Being Bow- Racial- A+
    Nothing but Nepotism- B-
    Just Christmas, Baby- B
    Their Eyes were watching Screens- A-
    Lemons- A+
    Good Dre Hunting- B+
    The Name Game- A
    I’m a Survivor- A-
    One Angry Man- B+
    Toys Rn’t Us- B+
    Maternity- B
    Richard Youngsta- C-
    What Lies Beneath- B
    Sister, Sister- A-
    All Groan Up- A-
    Liberal Arts- B-
    Sprinkle- A-

    The good place (B+)
    Pilot- B
    Flying- B-
    Tahani Al-Jamil- B-
    Jason Mendoza- C+
    Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis- B
    What We Owe to Each Other- B-
    The Eternal Shriek- B+
    Most Improved Player- A+
    …Someone Like Me as a Member- B
    Chidi’s Choice- A+
    What’s My Motivation- B+
    Mindy St. Claire- A
    Michael’s Gambit- A

    Pilot- B
    “N-E-NEW A-I-AIDE”- B
    “B-O-N–BONFIRE”- B
    “D-A-T-E– DATE?”- A-
    “R-A-Y-C– RAY-CATION”- A
    “S-L– SLED H-O– HOCKEY”- B
    “C-H-O-CHOIR”- B
    “R-O–ROAD T-R–TRIP”- B
    “S-I – SICK D-A– DAY”- B

    Jane the virgin
    Chapter Forty-Five- A-
    Chapter Forty-Six- B
    Chapter Forty-Seven- B
    Chapter Forty-Eight- A-
    Chapter Forty-Nine- B+
    Chapter Fifty- B+
    Chapter Fifty-One- B+
    Chapter Fifty-Two- A+
    Chapter Fifty-Three- A-
    Chapter Fifty-Four- A+
    Chapter Fifty-Five- B
    Chapter Fifty-Six- B
    Chapter Fifty-Seven- B+
    Chapter Fifty-Eight- B
    Chapter Fifty-Nine- B
    Chapter Sixty- B+
    Chapter Sixty-One- B+

    High-Tops and Brown Jacket- B
    Curious George and the Big Red Nightmare- A-
    Blow and a Free McMuffin- B+
    Xanax and a Baby Duck- A
    Cornbread and a Cashmere Onesie- A-
    Bad Hand and British Royalty- A+
    A Safe Word and a Rib Eye- A
    Good Karma and the Big Weird- A
    Wind Chimes and a Bottomless Pit of Sadness- A
    A Bouncy Castle and an Aneurysm- B-
    Roast Chicken and a Funny Story- B-
    Night Swimmin’ and an English Muffin- B
    Martinis and a Sponge Bath- B
    Black Mold and an Old Hot Dog- A-
    Tush Push and Some Radishes- A
    Tantric Sex and the Sprouted Flute- B
    A Cricket and a Hedge Made of Gold- A+
    A Few Thongs and a Hawaiian Funeral- B+

    A series of unfortunate events- (B+)
    The Bad Beginning: Part One- B
    The Bad Beginning: Part Two- B+
    The Reptile Room: Part One- D-
    The Reptile Room: Part Two- B
    The Wide Window: Part One- B
    The Wide Window: Part Two- A-
    The Miserable Mill: Part One- A
    The Miserable Mill: Part Two- A+

    Santa Clarita Diet- (B)
    So Then a Bat or A Monkey- B
    We Can’t Kill People!- B
    We Can Kill People- B+
    The Farting Sex Tourist- B+
    Man Eat Man- A
    Attention to Detail- B+
    Strange or Just Inconsiderate?- B-
    How Much Vomit?- B+
    The Book!- B-
    Baka, Bile, and Baseball Bats- B-

    Pilot- B-
    Hog Riders- B-
    Sam the Man- B+
    Devereux Wigs- C+
    Happy Birthday Mr. Duvet- B-

    Girls (A)
    All I Ever Wanted- A+
    Hostage Situation- A
    American Bitch- A+
    Painful Evacuation- B+
    Gummies- B+
    Full Disclosure- A
    The Bounce- A-
    What Will We Do This Time About Adam?- A
    Goodbye Tour- A+
    Latching- A+

    The Imposters
    Pilot- C

    Big Little Lies (B+)
    Somebody’s Dead- B
    Serious Mothering- B
    Living the Dream- B+
    Push Comes to Shove- B+
    Once Bitten- B+
    Burning Love- A
    You Get What You Need- A+

    Feud (B)
    Pilot- B+
    The Other Woman- B
    Mommie Dearest- B+
    More, or Less- B-
    And the Winner Is… (The Oscars of 1963)- B+
    Hagsploitaition- B-
    Abandoned- B-
    You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?- B+

    National Treasure (A-)
    Episode #1.1- B+
    Episode #1.2- B+
    Episode #1.3- A
    Episode #1.4- A

    Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (B+)
    Where Is Josh’s Friend?- B
    When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?- B
    All Signs Point to Josh… Or Is It Josh’s Friend?- A
    When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?- B
    Why Is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?- A
    Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?- B+
    Who’s the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?- B
    Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?- B-
    When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?- B
    Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?- B
    Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right?- A-
    Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?- B+
    Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?- A+

    American Crime (A)
    Episode #3.1- A-
    Episode #3.2- A-
    Episode #3.3- A-
    Episode #3.4- A-
    Episode #3.5- A-
    Episode #3.6- A
    Episode #3.7- A
    Episode #3.8- A+

    Underground (B-)
    Contraband- A
    Things Unsaid- B-
    Ache- B-
    Nok Aaut- C+
    Whiteface- C+
    Minty- A+
    28- B
    Auld Acquaintances- B-
    Citizen- B-
    Soilder- B-

    Catastrophe (B+)
    Episode #3.1- B+
    Episode #3.2- B
    Episode #3.3- B
    Episode #3.4- B
    Episode #3.5- A
    Episode #3.6- A

    Shots Fired (B-)
    Pilot- C+
    Hour Two- B_
    Hour Three- B-
    Hour Four- B
    Hour Five- B-
    Hour Six- B-
    Hour Seven- C+
    Hour 8- C+
    Hour 9- B+
    Hour 10- B

    Pilot- C

    Better Call Saul
    Mabel- B
    Witness- B+
    Sunk Costs- B+
    Sabrosito- A-
    Chicanery- A
    Off Brand- B+
    Expenses- B
    Slip- B
    Fall- B-

    Angie Tribeca
    Welcome Back, Blotter- B-
    Murder Grass- B
    Brockman Turner Overdrive- C+
    Turn me on, Geils- B
    This Sounds Unbelievable, but CSI: Miami did it- B-
    Hey, I’m Solvin’ here- B-
    Licence to Drill- B-

    Vice Principals (B)
    The Principal- C+
    A Trusty Steed- B-
    The Field Trip- C+
    Run for the Money- B
    Circles- B
    The Foundation of Learning- B
    The Good Book- A-
    Gin- B+
    End of the Line- A-

    Better things (B)
    Sam/Pilot- B+
    Period- B
    Brown- B
    Woman Is the Something of the Something- B
    Future Fever- A+
    Alarms- B
    Duke’s Chorus- B-
    Scary Fun- B
    Hair of the Dog- B-
    Only Women Bleed- A+

    Transparent (B+)
    Elizah- A-
    When the Battle Is Over- B
    To Sardines and Back- A+
    Just the Facts- B-
    Oh Holy Night- B
    The Open Road- B+
    Life Sucks and Then You Die- A
    If I Were a Bell- A-
    Off the Grid- B
    Exciting and New- A+

    Atlanta (A-)
    The Big Bang- B+
    Streets on Lock- A
    Go for Broke- B
    The Streisand Effect- A
    Nobody Beats the Biebs- A
    Value- A
    B.A.N.- A
    The Club- B
    Juneteenth- B+
    The Jacket- B+

    Insecure (A)
    Insecure as Fuck- A-
    Messy as Fuck- A-
    Racist as Fuck- A
    Thirsty as Fuck- A
    Shady as Fuck- A-
    Guilty as Fuck- A
    Real as Fuck- A
    Broken as Fuck- A

    Pilot- D-
    Next Day- D-

    Fresh off the boat
    No Thanks-giving- B
    WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?- B-
    How to Be an American- A

    Breakfast Club- B-

    Search Party (A)
    The Mysterious Disappearance of the Girl No One Knew- A
    The Woman Who Knew Too Much- A-
    The Night of One Hundred Candles- A-
    The Captive Dinner Guest- A-
    The Mystery of the Golden Charm- A-
    The Secret of the Sinister Ceremony- A
    The Riddle Within the Trash- A-
    The Return of the Forgotten Phantom- A-
    Password to the Shadows- A
    The House of Uncanny Truths- A

    Mozart in the jungle (B+)
    La Fiamma- B+
    The Modern Piece- B+
    My Heart Opens to Your Voice- A
    Avventura Romantica- B+
    Now I Will Sing- A+
    Symphony of Red Tape- A-
    Not Yet Titled- B-
    Circles Within Circles- B
    Creative Solutions for Creative Lives- B
    You’re the Best or You F’ing Suck- A

    Brooklyn nine-nine
    Coral Palms, Part 1- B-

    You’re the worst (A-)
    Try Real Hard- B
    Fix Me, Dummy- B+
    Bad News: Dude’s Dead- B+
    Men Get Strong- B+
    Twenty-Two- A
    The Last Sunday Funday- A
    The Only Thing That Helps- A
    Genetically Inferior Beta Males- B
    The Seventh Layer- B-
    Talking to Me, Talking to Me- B
    The Inherent, Unsullied Qualitative Value of Anything- A
    You Knew It Was a Snake- A

    Shameless (A-)
    Hiraeth- A
    Swipe, Fuck, Leave- B
    Home Sweet Homeless Shelter- B+
    I Am A Storm- A
    Own Your Shit- B+
    The Defenestration of Frank- A
    You’ll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life- B+
    You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember? – A+
    Ouroboros- B+
    Ride or Die- A
    Happily Ever After- A+
    Requiem for a Slut- A+

    Fleabag (B+)
    Episode 1- B-
    Episode 2- B+
    Episode 3- B
    Episode 4- A-
    Episode 5- B+
    Episode 6- A

    One Mississippi
    Pilot- C+

    Trial and Error
    Pilot- B-

    The Mick
    Pilot- B-

    Rick and Morty (B+)
    The Rickshank Redemption- B+

    Chewing gum (B+)
    WTF Happened?- A+
    Replacements- A
    I Just Need Some Company- B-
    Orlando- A-
    Road Trip- C
    Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number- B+

    The Big Bang Theory
    The Conjugal Conjecture- C

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    The Ghost- B-
    Meet the New Boss- B-
    Uprising- B-
    Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire- B
    Lockup- C+
    The Good Samaritan- B
    Deals with Our Devils- B
    The Laws of Inferno Dynamics- B-

    Sense8: A Christmas Special- B-

    American Horror Story: Roanoke (A)
    Chapter 1- B
    Chapter 2- B
    Chapter 3-B
    Chapter 4-A
    Chapter 5- A
    Chapter 6- A+
    Chapter 7- A+
    Chapter 8- A
    Chapter 9- A
    Chapter 10- B

    Gilmore Girls- A year in the life
    Winter- B

    Black Mirror
    Nosedive- A
    Playtest- B+
    Shut Up and Dance- A
    San Junipero- B+
    Men Against Fire-

    The Missing
    Come Home- B+
    The Turtle and the Stick- B

    Episode #1.1- B
    Episode #1.2- B-

    Iron Fist
    Snow Gives Way- C
    Shadow Hawk Takes Flight- C+
    Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch- C+
    Eight Diagram Dragon Palm-C+
    Under Leaf Pluck Lotus- D
    Immortal Emerges from Cave – C
    Felling Tree with Roots- C

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    Dec 22nd, 2015

    American Horror Story: Roanoke C+

    1.1 (Chapter 1) C+
    1.2 (Chapter 2) C+
    1.3 (Chapter 3) C+
    1.4 (Chapter 4) B
    1.5 (Chapter 5) A-
    1.6 (Chapter 6) C+
    1.7 (Chapter 7) C+
    1.8 (Chapter 8) B-
    1.9 (Chapter 9) B-
    1.10 (Chapter 10) D-

    Atlanta C

    1.1 (The Big Bang) C+
    1.2 (Streets on Lock) B+
    1.3 (Go for Broke) B
    1.4 (The Streisand Effect) B
    1.5 (Nobody Beats the Biebs) B
    1.6 (Value) D+
    1.7 (B.A.N.) A
    1.8 (The Club) B+
    1.9 (Juneteenth) E+
    1.10 (The Jacket) C+

    Attack on Titan B+

    2.1 (Beast Titan) A
    2.2 (I’m Here) C+
    2.3 (Southwestward) C+
    2.4 (Soldier) B+
    2.5 (Historia) A+
    2.6 (Warrior) B+
    2.7 (Close Combat) A+
    2.8 (The Hunters) B+
    2.9 (Opening) C+
    2.10 (Children) A
    2.11 (Charge) A+
    2.12 (Scream) C+

    Big Little Lies B+

    1.1 (Somebody’s Dead) C+
    1.2 (Serious Mothering) B+
    1.3 (Living the Dream) B+
    1.4 (Push Comes to Shove) B+
    1.5 (Once Bitten) A
    1.6 (Burning Love) B+
    1.7 (You Get What You Need) A+

    The Crown A

    1.1 (Wolferton Splash) B+
    1.2 (Hyde Park Corner) A
    1.3 (Windsor) C+
    1.4 (Act of God) C+
    1.5 (Smoke and Mirrors) B+
    1.6 (Gelignite) B
    1.7 (Scientia Potentia Est) B+
    1.8 (Pride & Joy) B+
    1.9 (Assassins) A
    1.10 (Gloriana) B+


    3.1 (The Law of Vacant Places) A
    3.2 (The Principle of Restricted Choice) C+
    3.3 (The Law of Non-Contradiction) D+
    3.4 (The Narrow Escape Problem) C+
    3.5 (The House of Special Purpose) A-
    3.6 (The Lord of No Mercy) A
    3.7 (The Law of Inevitability) C+
    3.8 (Who Rules the Land of Denial?)
    3.9 (Aporia)
    3.10 (Somebody to Love)

    Feud: Bette and Joan C+

    1.1 (Pilot) B+
    1.2 (The Other Woman) D+
    1.3 (Mommie Dearest) A
    1.4 (More, or Less) B+
    1.5 (And the Winner Is . . . The Oscars of 1963) A
    1.6 (Hagsploitation) E+
    1.7 (Abandoned!) B+
    1.8 (You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?) A+

    Fleabag B

    1.1 C+
    1.2 C+
    1.3 C+
    1.4 C+
    1.5 C+
    1.6 A-

    The Grand Tour F

    1.1 (Holy Trinity) F

    The Handmaid’s Tale

    1.1 (Offred) C+
    1.2 (Birth Day) B+
    1.3 (Late) A
    1.4 (Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum) B+
    1.5 (Faithful)
    1.6 (A Woman’s Place)
    1.7 (The Other Side)
    1.8 (Jezebels)
    1.9 (The Bridge)
    1.10 (Night)

    The Hollow Crown B

    2.1 (Henry VI Part 1) B
    2.2 (Henry VI Part 2) A-
    2.3 (Richard III) C+

    The Leftovers A

    3.1 (The Book of Kevin) A
    3.2 (Don’t Be Ridiculous) A+
    3.3 (Crazy Whitefella Thinking) B+
    3.4 (G’Day Melbourne) A+
    3.5 (It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World) A
    3.6 (Certified) A+
    3.7 (The Most Powerful Man in the World: and His Identical Twin Brother) A+
    3.8 (The Book of Nora) A+

    Mr Robot A-

    2.1 (eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc) B+
    2.2 (eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc) B+
    2.3 (eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd) B+
    2.4 (eps2.2_init_1.asec) B+
    2.5 (eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc) A
    2.6 (eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes) B+
    2.7 (eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme) A
    2.8 (eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12) B+
    2.9 (eps2.7_init_5.fve) B+
    2.10 (eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx) B+
    2.11 (eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z) B+
    2.12 (eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z) A

    Planet Earth II C+

    1.1 (Islands) C+
    1.2 (Mountains) B+
    1.3 (Jungles) C+
    1.4 (Deserts) C+
    1.5 (Grasslands) B-
    1.6 (Cities) D+

    Poldark B

    2.1 C+
    2.2 C+
    2.3 C+
    2.4 B+
    2.5 A-
    2.6 C+
    2.7 C+
    2.8 B+
    2.9 B+
    2.10 A

    Rick and Morty A+

    3.1 (The Rickshank Redemption) A+

    RuPaul’s Drag Race B+

    9.1 (Oh. My. Gaga!) B+
    9.2 (She Done Already Done Brought It On) C+
    9.3 (Draggily Ever After) B-
    9.4 (Good Morning Bitches) C+
    9.5 (Reality Stars: The Musical) B
    9.6 (Snatch Game) C+
    9.7 (9021-HO) B
    9.8 (RuPaul Roast) B
    9.9 (Your Pilot’s On Fire) C+
    9.10 (Makeovers: Crew Better Work) B+
    9.11 (Gayest Ball Ever) C+
    9.12 (Category Is) B+
    9.13 (Reunited) A
    9.14 (Grand Finale) A+

    Scream Queens B

    2.1 (Scream Again) A-
    2.2 (Warts and All) A-
    2.3 (Handidates) A-
    2.4 (Halloween Blues) A-
    2.5 (Chanel Pour Homme-icide) B
    2.6 (Blood Drive) A-
    2.7 (The Hand) C+
    2.8 (Rapunzel, Rapunzel) C+
    2.9 (Lovin the D) A-
    2.10 (Drain the Swamp) B

    Star Wars: Rebels C

    3.1 (Steps Into Shadow) B+
    3.2 (The Holocrons of Fate) B+
    3.3 (The Antilles Extraction) B-
    3.4 (Hera’s Heroes) C+
    3.5 (The Last Battle) C+
    3.6 (Imperial Supercommandos) C+
    3.7 (Iron Squadron) E+
    3.8 (The Wynkahthu Job) E+
    3.9 (An Inside Man) C+
    3.10 (Visions and Voices) C+
    3.11 (Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 1) C+
    3.12 (Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 2) C+
    3.13 (Warhead) E+
    3.14 (Trials of the Darksaber) A
    3.15 (Legacy of Mandalore) B+
    3.16 (Through Imperial Eyes) B+
    3.17 (Secret Cargo) B
    3.18 (Double Agent Droid) C-
    3.19 (Twin Suns) A
    3.20 (Zero Hour: Part 1) B+
    3.21 (Zero Hour: Part 2) B+

    This Is Us B

    1.1 (Pilot) A
    1.2 (The Big Three) A-
    1.3 (Kyle) B+
    1.4 (The Pool) A-
    1.5 (The Game Plan) B+
    1.6 (Career Days) B+
    1.7 (The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World) B+
    1.8 (Pilgrim Rick) A
    1.9 (The Trip) B+
    1.10 (Last Christmas) B+
    1.11 (The Right Thing to Do) B
    1.12 (The Big Day) B+
    1.13 (Three Sentences) B+
    1.14 (I Call Marriage) C+
    1.15 (Jack Pearson’s Sons) B+
    1.16 (Memphis) A
    1.17 (What Now?) B+
    1.18 (Moonshadow) B

    Tracey Ullman’s Show C-

    1.1 D+
    1.2 D+
    1.3 D+
    1.4 C
    1.5 C-
    1.6 D+

    Trial & Error B

    1.1 (Pilot) B-
    1.2 (A Wrench in the Case) C+
    1.3 (The Other Man) B-
    1.4 (An Unwelcome Distraction) B
    1.5 (Right-Hand Man) B
    1.6 (Secrets & Lies) C+
    1.7 (The Case Gets Bigger) C+
    1.8 (A Change in Defense) C+
    1.9 (Opening Statements) A-
    1.10 (A Hostile Jury) B+
    1.11 (Unusual Suspect) C+
    1.12 (The Defense Rests) C+
    1.13 (The Verdict) A

    Vikings C+

    4.11 (The Outsider) C+
    4.12 (The Vision) D+
    4.13 (Two Journeys) B
    4.14 (In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning) B+
    4.15 (All His Angels) A+
    4.16 (Crossings) B+
    4.17 (The Great Army) B
    4.18 (Revenge) C+
    4.19 (On the Eve) C+
    4.20 (The Reckoning) B+

    Veep B

    6.1 (Omaha) B
    6.2 (Library) C+
    6.3 (Georgia) C+
    6.4 (Justice) C+
    6.5 (Chicklet) B
    6.6 (Qatar) A-
    6.7 (Blurb) A-
    6.8 (Judge) A-
    6.9 (A Woman First) A-
    6.10 (Groundbreaking) B+

    Westworld A-

    1.1 (The Original) B+
    1.2 (Chestnut) B+
    1.3 (The Stray) B
    1.4 (Dissonance Theory) B+
    1.5 (Contrapasso) D+
    1.6 (The Adversary) A
    1.7 (Trompe O’Oeil) A+
    1.8 (Trace Decay) B+
    1.9 (The Well-Tempered Cavalier) A+
    1.10 (The Bicameral Mind) A+

    The White Princess

    1.1 (In Bed with the Enemy) B

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    Mihael Crncec
    Oct 8th, 2015

    13 REASONS WHY (Season 1)
    C+ E01: “Tape 1, Side A”
    C+ E02: “Tape 1, Side B”
    C+ E03: “Tape 2, Side A”
    B- E04: “Tape 2, Side B”
    B- E05: “Tape 3, Side A”
    B E06: “Tape 3, Side B”
    B+ E07: “Tape 4, Side A”
    B+ E08: “Tape 4, Side B”
    A- E09: “Tape 5, Side A”
    A- E10: “Tape 5, Side B”
    A- E11: “Tape 6, Side A”
    A E12: “Tape 6, Side B”
    A E13: “Tape 7, Side A”

    MVP: Kate Walsh
    Breakthrough Performers: Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette
    Season Average: B
    Opinion: One of those rare shows that are nothing more than fine in the beginning, but end up providing you with some of the most heart-breaking and difficult scenes on television. The last two episodes are near perfection.

    Outstanding achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Lead Performer: Dylan Minnette (“Tape 6, Side A”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Kate Walsh (“Tape 2, Side A”)
    Drama Episode: “Tape 6, Side B” (written by Elizabeth Benjamin; directed by Jessica Yu)
    Drama Episode: “Tape 7, Side A” (written by Brian Yorkey; directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez)

    AMERICAN CRIME (Season 3)

    B E01: “Episode #3.1”

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Lead Performer: Regina King (“Episode #3.1”)


    C+ E01: “Chapter 1”
    B- E02: “Chapter 2”
    B+ E03: “Chapter 3”
    B+ E04: “Chapter 4”
    C+ E05: “Chapter 5”
    A- E06: “Chapter 6”
    A- E07: “Chapter 7”
    B- E08: “Chapter 8”
    C E09: “Chapter 9”
    D+ E10: “Chapter 10”

    MVP: Kathy Bates
    Breakthrough Performer: Adina Porter
    Season Average: B-
    Opinion: Despite this season delivered an ending worse than any other season (except Hotel), its first two thirds have revived the series and provided us with stellar performances (especially from the previously underused Kathy Bates), competent writing and imaginative directing.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Sarah Paulson (“Chapter 10”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Kathy Bates (“Chapter 7”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Adina Porter (“Chapter 9”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Evan Peters (“Chapter 5”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Frances Conroy (“Chapter 5”)
    Drama Episode: “Chapter 6” (written by Ned Martel; directed by Angela Bassett)
    Drama Episode: “Chapter 7” (written by Crystal Liu; directed by Elodie Keene)

    THE AMERICANS (Season 5)

    B- E01: “Amber Waves”
    C+ E02: “Pests”
    B- E03: “The Midges”
    C+ E04: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”
    B E05: “Lotus 1-2-3”
    B- E06: “Crossbreed”
    B- E07: “The Committee on Human Rights”
    C+ E08: “Immersion”
    B- E09: “IHOP”
    B E10: “Darkroom”
    A E11: “Dyatkovo”

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Lead Performer: Keri Russell (“Dyatkovo”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Frank Langella (“Crossbreed”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Margo Martindale (“Immersion”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Irina Dubova (“Dyatkovo”)
    Drama Episode: “Dyatkovo” (written by Joshua Brand; directed by Steph Green)


    B E01: “Somebody’s Dead”
    B E02: “Serious Mothering”
    B+ E03: “Living the Dream”
    B E04: “Push Comes to Shove”
    B+ E05: “Once Bitten”
    B E06: “Burning Love”
    A- E07: “You Get What You Need”

    MVP: Nicole Kidman
    Breakthrough Performer: Shailene Woodley
    Season Average: B
    Opinion: The strength of the show relies mainly on the powerful women whom the show is about and the actresses who play them. The story, however, isn’t as intricate as it sets out to be.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Nicole Kidman (“Once Bitten”)
    Drama Lead Performer: Reese Witherspoon (“Serious Mothering”)
    Drama Supporting Performer: Laura Dern (“Living the Dream”)
    Drama Episode: “You Get What You Need” (written by David E. Kelley; directed by Jean-Marc Vallee)

    BOJACK HORSEMAN (Season 3)

    C+ E01: “Start Spreading the News”
    C+ E02: “The BoJack Horseman Show”
    C- E03: “BoJack Kills”
    A E04: “Fish Out of Water”
    B- E05: “Love And/Or Marriage”
    B+ E06: “Brrap Brrap Pew Pew”
    B+ E07: “Stop the Presses”
    C+ E08: “Old Acquaintance”
    A- E09: “Best Thing That Never Happened”
    A- E10: “It’s You”
    A E11: “That’s Too Much, Man!”
    A- E12: “That Went Well”

    MVP: Will Arnett
    Breakthrough Performer: None
    Season Average: A-
    Opinion: Marilyn Monroe once said: “Fame doesn’t fulfill you. It warms you a bit, but that warmth is temporary.” BoJack embodies this principle perfectly and through this incredibly written show we watch BoJack sink deeper and deeper into despair, loneliness and abandonment as he seemingly can’t grasp the pain he has afflicted to the only people who care about him. The third season has proven to be the best so far for this comedy show, but delivered more drama than any other season.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Series
    Comedy Ensemble
    Comedy Lead Performer: Will Arnett (“The BoJack Horseman Show”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Amy Sedaris (“Best Thing That Never Happened”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Krysten Schaal (“That’s Too Much, Man!”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Margo Martindale (“Stop the Presses”)
    Comedy Episode: “Fish Out of Water” (written by Elijah Aron and Jordan Young; directed by Mike Hollingsworth)
    Comedy Episode: “That’s Too Much, Man!” (written by Elijah Aron and Jordan Young”; directed by JC Gonzales)

    THE CROWN (Season 1)

    A- E01: “Wolferton Splash”
    A E02: “Hyde Park Corner”
    B+ E03: “Windsor”
    A E04: “Act of God”
    A- E05: “Smoke and Mirrors”
    B+ E06: “Gelignite”
    A- E07: “Scientia Potentia Est”
    A- E08: “Pride & Joy”
    A+ E09: “Assassins”
    A E10: “Gloriana”

    MVPs: Claire Foy and John Lithgow
    Breakthrough Performer: Vanessa Kirby
    Season Average: A
    Opinion: Visually breathtaking, acted to perfection (I bow down to Claire Foy and John Lithgow), written impeccably, directed competently, The Crown has proven to be not only the best new show, but also one of the best shows in recent memory.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Claire Foy (“Pride & Joy”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: John Lithgow (“Assassins”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Vanessa Kirby (“Gloriana”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Jared Harris (“Wolferton Splash”)
    Drama Episode: “Hyde Park Corner” (written by Peter Morgan; directed by Stephen Daldry)
    Drama Episode: “Act of God” (written by Peter Morgan; directed by Julian Jarrold)
    Drama Episode: “Assassins” (written by Peter Morgan; directed by Benjamin Caron)


    C+ E01: “Pilot”
    C+ E02: “The First Day”
    B- E03: “The Confession”
    B E04: “The Enemy”
    B E05: “The Mission”

    *Stopped watching permanently.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Lead Performer: Kiefer Sutherland (“The First Day”)

    DIVORCE (Season 1)

    C- E01: “Pilot”
    C E02: “Next Day”
    B+ E03: “Counseling”
    D+ E04: “Mediation”
    C- E05: “Gustav”
    C E06: “Christmas”

    *Stopped watching permanently.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Lead Performer: Sarah Jessica Parker (“Counseling”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Molly Shannon (“Pilot”)
    Comedy Episode: “Counseling” (written by Sharon Horgan and Paul Simms; directed by Jesse Peretz)

    EMPIRE (Season 3)

    C+ E01: “Light in Darkness”
    B- E02: “Sin That Amends”
    B- E03: “What Remains Is Bestial”
    C+ E04: “Cupid Kills”
    C+ E05: “One Before Another”
    B- E06: “Chimes at Midnight”

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Lead Performer: Taraji P. Henson (“Light in Darkness”)


    A E01: “Pilot”
    B+ E02: “The Other Woman”
    A E03: “Mommie Dearest”
    A- E04: “More, or Less”
    A+ E05: “And the Winner Is… (The Oscars of 1963)”
    B E06: “Hagsploitation”
    A E07: “Abandoned”
    A+ E08: “You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?”

    MVP: Jessica Lange
    Breakthrough Performer: Jackie Hoffman
    Season Average: A
    Opinion: The story is just as entertaining as it is important and sobering. To think of the trials and tribulations these women had to go through to make it in the business. It’s explored throughout the season, but it’s the last episode that holds the most gravitas and is just utterly heart-rending. And the performances are simply out of this world!

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Jessica Lange (“You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?”)
    Drama Lead Performer: Susan Sarandon (“Abandoned”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Judy Davis (“Hagsploitation”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Alfred Molina (“Mommie Dearest”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Stanley Tucci (“Pilot”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Jackie Hoffman (“Hagsploitation”)
    Drama Episode: “Pilot” (written by Ryan Murphy and Jaffe Cohen; directed by Ryan Murphy)
    Drama Episode: “And the Winner Is… (The Oscars of 1963)” (written and directed by Ryan Murphy)
    Drama Episode: “You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?” (written by Gina Welch; directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton)

    GRACE AND FRANKIE (Season 3)

    B+ E01: “The Art Show”
    B+ E02: “The Incubator”
    A- E03: “The Focus Group”
    A- E04: “The Burglary”
    A- E05: “The Gun”
    A E06: “The Pot”
    B+ E07: “The Floor”
    B E08: “The Alert”
    B+ E09: “The Apology”
    B E10: “The Labels”
    A- E11: “The Other Vibrator”
    A- E12: “The Musical”
    A E13: “The Sign”

    MVPs: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (you simply can’t separate them)
    Breakthrough Performer: /
    Season Average: A-
    Opinion: This is a show that deserves far more recognition than it’s getting – it’s as good as comedy series go. It’s incredibly funny, moving, thought-provoking, real and the leading ladies are a joy to watch. It’s a shame Tomlin is the only one being recognized by the Academy since Fonda is just as excellent if not even more so (take a hint from the SAG Awards, Emmys). Don’t just name-check, Academy members! Watch the show! You won’t regret it.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Series
    Comedy Ensemble
    Comedy Lead Performer: Jane Fonda (“The Pot”)
    Comedy Lead Performer: Lily Tomlin (“The Musical”)
    Comedy Episode: “The Art Show” (written by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris; directed by Marta Kauffman)
    Comedy Episode: “The Sign” (written by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris; directed by Rebecca Asher)

    INSECURE (Season 1)

    D+ E01: “Insecure as F**k”

    *After the first episode, I have decided to stop watching this show. Although Issa Rae’s character sometimes appears to be relatable and/or likeable, what remains are cheap jokes and nothing more that mediocre performances. Perhaps I will revisit this show at some point during the season, but for now there is better television to pay attention to.

    THE LEFTOVERS (Season 3)

    B E01: “The Book of Kevin”

    MOM (Season 4)

    B- E01: “High-Tops and Brown Jacket”
    C E02: “Swordfights and a Dominican Shortstop”
    C+ E03: “Sparkling Water and Ba-Dinkers”

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Allison Janney (“Sparkling Water and Ba-Dinkers”)

    MR. ROBOT (Season 2)

    C E01 “pt.1: eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc”
    C- E01 “pt.2: eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc”


    B E01: “The Beach”
    B- E02: “Subtle Beast”


    B E01: “Work That Body for Me”
    C+ E02: “Power Suit”
    B- E03: “Don’t Say Anything”
    B E04: “Doctor Psycho”
    C E05: “We’ll Always Have Baltimore”
    A- E06: “Piece of Sh**t”
    A- E07: “It Sounded Nicer in My Head”
    B+ E08: “Friends in Low Places”
    B E09: “Turn Table Turn”
    B E10: “Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull”
    A E11: “People Persons”
    A+ E12: “The Animals”
    A+ E13: “Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again”

    MVP: Danielle Brooks
    Breakthrough Performer: Lori Petty
    Season Average: B+
    Opinion: OITNB is now a drama more than it has ever been. Not only did it manage to preserve its importance, but it’s also quite rare for a show to peak in its fourth season. Its ensemble is still one of the best on television.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Taylor Schilling (“Friends in Low Places”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Danielle Brooks (“Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Kate Mulgrew (“People Persons”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Lori Petty (“It Sounded Nicer in My Head”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Uzo Aduba (“People Persons”)
    Drama Episode: “Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again” (written by Jenji Kohan & Tara Herrmann; directed by Adam Bernstein)
    Drama Episode: “The Animals” (written by Lauren Morelli; directed by Matthew Weiner)


    B- E01: “Host: Margot Robbie”
    B E02: “Host: Lin-Manuel Miranda”
    B E03: “Host: Emily Blunt”
    C+ E04: “Host: Tom Hanks”
    C E05: “Host: Benedict Cumberbatch”
    A- E06: “Host: Dave Chappelle”
    B- E07: “Host: Kristen Wiig”
    B E08: “Host: Emma Stone”
    C- E09: “Host: John Cena”
    C E10: “Host: Casey Affleck”
    C- E11: “Host: Felicity Jones”
    B- E12: “Host: Aziz Ansari”
    B+ E13: “Host: Kristen Stewart”
    B E14: “Host: Alec Baldwin”
    C E15: “Host: Octavia Spencer”
    C+ E16: “Host: Scarlett Johansson”
    B+ E17: “Host: Louis C.K.”
    C E18: “Host: Jimmy Fallon”

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Series
    Comedy Ensemble
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Kate McKinnon (“Host: Dave Chappelle”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Alec Baldwin (“Host: Alec Baldwin”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Dave Chappelle (“Host: Dave Chappelle”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Kristen Wiig (“Host: Kristen Wiig”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Melissa McCarthy (“Host: Kristen Stewart”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Louis C.K. (“Host: Louis C.K.”)

    SCREAM QUEENS (Season 2)

    C EO1: “Scream Again”
    C- E02: “Warts and All”
    C E03: “Handidates”
    C+ E04: “Halloween Blues”
    D+ E05: “Chanel Pour Homme-cide”

    *I do believe I am done with this show. Season 1 was entertaining and season 2 just seems to be copying off of season 1. And after the murder of You Know Who in “Halloween Blues”, it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Jamie Lee Curtis (“Scream Again”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Niecy Nash (“Halloween Blues”)

    STRANGER THINGS (Season 1)

    C+ E01: “The Vanishing of Will Byers”
    C+ E02: “The Weirdo on Maple Street”
    B E03: “Holly, Jolly”
    B E04: “The Body”
    B E05: “The Flea and the Acrobat”
    B+ E06: “The Monster”
    B+ E07: “The Bathtub”
    A- E08: “The Upside Down”

    MVP: Winona Ryder
    Breakthrough Performer: Millie Bobby Brown
    Season Average: B+
    Opinion: The Duffer Brothers have created a story equally unique, compelling and terrifying. Not only that, but the cast is also superb, with Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown being the stars that shine the brightest.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Supp. Performer: Winona Ryder (“The Vanishing of Will Byers”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Millie Bobby Brown (“The Monster”)
    Drama Episode: “The Upside Down” (written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer)

    THE GOOD FIGHT (Season 1)

    A E01: “Inauguration”
    B+ E02: “First Week”
    B E03: “The Schtup List”
    B+ E04: “Henceforth Known as Property”
    A- E05: “Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate”
    A- E06: “Social Media and Its Discontents”
    A- E07: “Not So Grand Jury”
    B- E08: “Reddick v Boseman”
    B+ E09: “Self Condemned”
    A E10: “Chaos”

    MVP: Christine Baranski
    Breakthrough Performer: Sarah Steele
    Season Average: A-
    Opinion: As well as being the best legal drama on television, it’s also one of the best spin-offs in television history. It perfectly embodies The Good Wife’s spirit and essence and provides viewers with great dialogue and competent character development, not to mention probably the best guest performers on television. The only flaw is that Christine Baranski isn’t given as much material as Julianna Margulies was on The Good Wife, but the material they do give her is top-notch.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Christine Baranski (“Inauguration”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Delroy Lindo (“Reddick v Boseman”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Sarah Steele (“Not So Grand Jury”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Carrie Preston (“Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Jane Lynch (“Self Condemned”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Dylan Baker (“Self Condemned”)
    Drama Guest Performer: John Cameron Mitchell (“Social Media and Its Discontents”)
    Drama Episode: “Inauguration” (written by Robert and Michelle King; directed by Brooke Kennedy)
    Drama Episode: “Chaos” (written by Robert and Michelle King; directed by Robert King)

    THE GOOD PLACE (Season 1)

    C+ E01: “Pilot”
    C- E02: “Flying”
    C E03: “Tahani Al-Jamil”

    *Not planning on watching it further for the time being. It’s entertaining for the most part, but with all the great shows going on, this one will just have to wait.

    THIS IS US (Season 1)

    A E01: “Pilot”
    B+ E02: “The Big Three”
    B- E03: “Kyle”
    B E04: “The Pool”
    B+ E05: “The Game Plan”
    B E06: “Career Days”
    B- E07: “The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World”
    B+ E08: “Pilgrim Rick”
    B+ E09: “The Trip”
    A E10: “Last Christmas”
    B E11: “The Right Thing to Do”
    B+ E12: “The Big Day”
    B+ E13: “Three Sentences”
    B E14: “I Call Marriage”
    A- E15: “Jack Pearson’s Son”
    A E16: “Memphis”
    A- E17: “What Now”
    B E18: “Moonshadow”

    MVP: Sterling K. Brown
    Breakthrough Performer: Chrissy Metz
    Season Average: B+
    Opinion: A show that perfectly combines both the sweet, little pleasures in life as well as all the heartbreak.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Supp. Performer: Sterling K. Brown (“What Now”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Mandy Moore (“Moonshadow”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Chrissy Metz (“Three Sentences”)
    Drama Guest Performer: Gerald McRaney (“The Big Day”)
    Drama Episode: “Pilot” (written by Dan Fogelman; directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa)
    Drama Episode: “Memphis” (written by Dan Fogelman; directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa)

    TRANSPARENT (Season 3)

    C- E01: “Elizah”
    C E02: “When the Battle Is Over”
    B+ E03: “To Sardines and Back”
    C+ E04: “Just the Facts”
    B E05: “Oh Holy Night”
    C E06: “The Open Road”
    B- E07: “Life Sucks and Then You Die”
    B+ E08: “If I Were a Bell”
    B- E09: “Off the Grid”
    A- E10: “Exciting and New”

    MVP: Judith Light
    Breakthrough Performer: Kathryn Hahn
    Season Average: B
    Opinion: Although it didn’t quite match second’s season’s brilliance and edge and although it hits a few lumps on the way, the third installment of “Transparent” keeps its head in the game and eventually delivers some of the most heart-breaking minutes in its history, whilst providing us with some of the best writing and performances on television. (Go get that Emmy, Judith Light!)

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Series
    Comedy Ensemble
    Comedy Lead Performer: Jeffrey Tambor (“Elizah”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Judith Light (“Exciting and New”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Kathryn Hahn (“Life Sucks and Then You Die”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Amy Landecker (“Off the Grid”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Cherry Jones (“Oh Holy Night”)
    Comedy Episode: “To Sardines and Back” (written by Faith and Jill Soloway; directed by Jill Soloway)
    Comedy Episode: “Exciting and New” (written by Faith and Jill Soloway; directed by Marta Cunningham)


    B- E01: “Kimmy Gets Divorced?!”
    A E02: “Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!”
    B- E03: “Kimmy Can’t Help You!”
    B+ E04: “Kimmy Goes to College!”
    B+ E05: “Kimmy Steps on a Crack!”
    B+ E06: “Kimmy Is a Feminist!”
    B E07: “Kimmy Learns about the Weather!”
    A- E08: “Kimmy Does a Puzzle!”
    B E09: “Kimmy Goes to Church!”
    B+ E10: “Kimmy Pulls Off a Heist!”
    B+ E11: “Kimmy Goes to the Internet!”
    B E12: “Kimmy and the Trolley Problem!”
    A- E13: “Kimmy Bites an Onion!”

    MVP: All hail Titus Burgess!
    Breakthrough Performer: /
    Season Average: B+
    Opinion: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is better than ever! This season had me in stitches from beginning to end. I love that they gave the supporting players more material this season because this is one of the rare shows in which all the characters, be it lead, supporting or guest, are equally interesting, fascinating and worthy of exploration.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Series
    Comedy Ensemble
    Comedy Lead Performer: Ellie Kemper (“Kimmy Bites an Onion!”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Tituss Burgess (“Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Carol Kane (“Kimmy Goes to College!”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Jane Krakowski (“Kimmy Pulls Off a Heist!”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Amy Sedaris (“Kimmy Gets Divorced?!”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Laura Dern (“Kimmy Can’t Help You!”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Maya Rudolph (“Kimmy Does a Puzzle!”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Tina Fey (“Kimmy Goes to the Internet!”)
    Comedy Episode: “Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!”

    VEEP (Season 6)

    B- E01: “Omaha”
    B E02: “Library”
    A E03: “Georgia”
    B+ E04: “Justice”
    A- E05: “Chicklet”

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Comedy Series
    Comedy Ensemble
    Comedy Lead Performer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Chicklet”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Tony Hale (“Justice”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Anna Chlumsky (“Justice”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Matt Walsh (“Chicklet”)
    Comedy Supp. Performer: Timothy Simons (“Omaha”)
    Comedy Guest Performer: Sally Phillips (“Georgia”)
    Comedy Episode: “Georgia”

    WESTWORLD (Season 1)

    A- E01: “The Original”
    B+ E02: “Chesnut”
    B E03: “The Stray”
    A- E04: “Dissonance Theory”
    A- E05: “Contrapasso”
    B- E06: “The Adversary”
    A E07: “Trompe L’Oleil”
    B E08: “Trace Decay”
    A E09: “The Well-Tempered Clavier”
    A+ E10: “The Bicameral Mind”

    MVP: Anthony Hopkins
    Breakthrough Performer: Thandie Newton
    Season Average: A
    Opinion: Everything was so precisely planned and competently executed that I am at a loss for words. This show has redefined genre series. To be honest, at moments I might have asked myself: “Was this really necessary?”, but the finale proves it was all very much necessary.

    Outstanding Achievements:
    Drama Series
    Drama Ensemble
    Drama Lead Performer: Evan Rachel Wood (“The Bicameral Mind”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Anthony Hopkins (“The Bicameral Mind” or “The Well-Tempered Clavier”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Thandie Newton (“The Adversary”)
    Drama Supp. Performer: Jeffrey Wright (“The Well-Tempered Clavier”)
    Drama Episode: “Trompe L’Oleil” (written by Charles Yu; directed by Stephen Williams)
    Drama Episode: “The Well-Tempered Clavier” (written by Dan Dietz and Kath Lingenfelter; directed by Michelle McLaren)
    Drama Episode: “The Bicameral Mind” (written by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy; directed by Jonathan Nolan)

    Gold Derby TV Awards FYC: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Limited Series, Movie/Mini Actress (Lauren Graham), Movie/Mini Supp. Actress (Kelly Bishop)

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    Now what is going on? All my previously missing posts have reappeared!!!

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    I can’t see any of your posts, but one of my previous posts has visible and awaits approval from the moderator. I can’t delete it however. Is this thread possessed?

    Same! I can’t see any of yours but all of mine have returned and are waiting moderation. So weird.

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    I can’t see any of your posts, but one of my previous posts has visible and awaits approval from the moderator. I can’t delete it however. Is this thread possessed?

    Same! I can’t see any of yours but all of mine have returned and are waiting moderation. So weird.

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    Who is the moderator, the person who created the thread?

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    If this is for the 2016-2017 season, will there be a 2017-2018 season thread made in June?

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    If this is for the 2016-2017 season, will there be a 2017-2018 season thread made in June?

    I was gonna make one soon. OITNB season 5 already leaked so it would make sense to make one soon.

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