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  • Blacktree
    Mar 10th, 2016

    My recommendations:

     .Soulstone Plains (4-5) – you might have issues on the Terrors but as FM, it’s not impossible to get credits on them for the dailies. Farming as much Blade & Soul gold as you can.

     .Misty Woods Faction (5) – super fast 14 Soulstones.

     .Mushin’s Tower (5-6) – should be able to kill up to 8.2 with your gear. Can prob kill 8.3 with a bit of work and perfect play but if it takes too much effort, skipping isn’t bad.

     .Shiverstone + Frostscale Basin (11) – these are all really easy and gives moderate-high XP.

     .Blue dungeons (6) – I used to not do these but the XP + Charm Fragments drew me into them. Gold reward isn’t the best so I usually do them last and skip if I don’t have time.

     .Beastbog (2-3) – ideally someone in faction chat calls out BayLee and you can zone into the ch with enough time to spare. The elite daily can be a bit annoying when undergeared but someone posted a freeze build that seems to trivialize it for FMs.

     .Plog Sanctum (2) – ideally someone announces when the 3 bosses are up and you just follow the crowd. These bosses aren’t hard and die pretty fast but you shouldn’t have issue with credit as FM.

    GHS isn’t particularly hard but you might have issue with lag. I would give it a try once and see if you can comfortably get credits. If not, skip it. It’s worth it if you can get credits for all of them though.

    I hope this guide will be helpful. For more information, please go to

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