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Lifetime Greenlights ‘Unauthorized’ Pics About ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ & ‘Melrose Place’

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    Lifetime Greenlights ‘Unauthorized’ Pics About ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ & ‘Melrose Place’

    by Erik Pedersen  

    July 22, 2015 1:35pmThe Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210

    Apparently not satisfied with turning only ’90s-era sitcoms into behind-the-scenes original movies, Lifetime now is going the primetime soap route. The network that brought you the “unauthorized” telepic about Saved By The Bell last year and is doing the same with Full House next month has lined up The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story and The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story.
    The projects, which look at the off-camera goings-on at the popular
    series, are set to premiere on consecutive Saturdays in the fall.

    Unauthorized 90210 stars Dan Castellaneta
    as producer Aaron Spelling, Adam Korson as series creator Darren Star
    and — as the various original actors and their onscreen characters —
    Samantha Munro as Brenda Walsh/Shannen Doherty, Max Lloyd-Jones as
    Brandon Walsh/Jason Priestley, Abbie Cobb as Kelly Taylor/Jennie Garth,
    Jesy McKinney as Dylan McKay/Luke Perry, Abby Ross as Donna Martin/Tori
    Spelling, David Lennon as Steve Sanders/Ian Ziering, Michele Goyns as
    Andrea Zuckerman/Gabrielle Carteris, Ross Linton as David Silver/Brian
    Austin green and Alyssa Lynch as Valerie Malone and Tiffani-Amber
    Thiessen, the actress she also played in The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story). That’s them in the top photo.

    Set to bow October 3, the fake 90210 is executive produced
    by Peter M. Green and Howard Braunstein and produced by Christian
    Bruyere. It’s written by Jeff Roda and directed by Vanessa Parise. The
    original series premiered on then-nascent Fox in 1990 and ran for a
    decade. Its companion soap Melrose Place, which Jerry Seinfeld’s alter ego was embarrassed about finding so irresistible on Seinfeld, debuted in 1992 and wrapped in 1999.

    Castellaneta and Korson reprise their roles for Lifetime’s Melrose Place
    pseudo-biopic. Joining them are Ciara Hanna as Amanda Woodward/Heather
    Locklear, Rebecca Dalton as Allison Parker/Courtney Thorne-Smith, Frank
    Bailey as Billy Campbell/Andrew Shue, Ryan Bruce as Jake Hanson/Grant
    Show, Chloe McClay as Jane Mancini/Josie Bissett, Ali Cobrin as Jo
    Reynolds/Daphne Zuniga, Teagan Vincze as Kimberly Shaw/Marcia Cross,
    Joseph Coleman as Matt Fielding/Doug Savant, Brandon Barash as Michael
    Mancini/Thomas Calabro, Karissa Tynes as Rhonda Blair/Vanessa A.
    Williams, Chelsea Hobbs as Sydney Andrews/Laura Leighton and Lanie
    McAuley as Sandy Louise Harding/Amy Locane.

    Got all that? Here’s how they look:

    The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story

    Unauthorized Melrose Place, which premieres October 10, is
    executive produced by Braunstein and Michael Larkin, produced by
    Bruyere, directed by Mark Griffiths and written by Dana Schmalenberg.

    Lifetime didn’t exactly score huge ratings with its first toe-dip into these waters. The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story premiered in September with just 1.6 million viewers, despite much chatter on social media. The network might do better when The Unauthorized Full House Story bows August 22, thanks to recent headlines generated by Netflix’s upcoming series sequel Fuller House.


    Cast photos — http://deadline.com/2015/07/unauthorized-beverly-hills-90210-melrose-place-lifetine-1201483783/

    Jul 2nd, 2011

    Are they showing behind-the-scenes drama? If so, who plays Hunter Tylo and Lisa Rinna for “Melrose Place”? I don’t know about any other scandals other than this pregnancy lawsuit. “Beverly Hills 90210” has Shannon, of course. Can’t wait for “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy” – endless possibilities there.

    These shows provide such a weird trend, to be honest. 

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