Michelle Stafford on her winning ways with Daytime Emmys [Audio]

By Matthew Cormier
By Matthew Cormier
Jun 16 2011 11:38 am
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"The Young and the Restless" leading lady Michelle Stafford has uncovered the secret formula to winning Daytime Emmys. She has two trophies to show for her eight nominations for playing Phyllis Summers on the top-rated daytime drama. "It's important to select a show with an arc, one that tells a story and has an emotional undercurrent," she told Gold Derby.

Stafford thinks those who submit tapes with overly wrought emotional scenes are making a mistake as she states that for this process "it doesn't communicate very well." And while she respects those who leave the selection to agents or producers, she could never do that regardless of how difficult it can be. "You have to pick yourself apart and it's not fun."

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Phyllis was meant to be a short-term character, but the spirited performance by Stafford was so well-recieved that she was soon signed to a permanent contract. Asked how she keeps her character fresh and lively after all these years and she credits the writers saying "they do it, the writers do it." She thinks of Phyllis as "a broken person" and for the first time ever, completely disagrees with her character's actions in her current storyline which touches on the issue of adoption.

Listen to the interview by clicking the arrow below.


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