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Oscar Experts: 'Bridesmaids' will be nominated for Best Picture

By Tom O'Neil
Dec 19 2011 15:39 pm

Those wacky "Bridesmaids" just broke into the Oscars race, wreaking as much havoc as they did at Maya Rudolph's wedding on screen.

"Bridesmaids" just burst into the Top 10 list of predicted nominees for Best Picture, according to a poll of Oscarologists by Gold Derby. At this point it's unknown how many nominees there will be, though. It will fluctuate between 5 and 10, depending on the strength of support behind the films.

Ten out of 29 Oscar prophets put "Bridesmaids" on their Top 10 lists for Best Pic: Thelma Adams (Yahoo Movies), JD Cargill (CNN), Bradley Jacobs (Us Weekly), Dave Karger (Entertainment Weekly), Michael Musto (Village Voice), Tom O'Neil and Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby), Christopher Rosen (Moviefone), Richard Rushfield (Newsweek Daily Beast) and Peter Travers (Rolling Stone). See their rankings here. When their views are combined with those of the other 20 Oscarologists, the results are aggregated into racetrack odds and rankings generated scientifically by Gold Derby. "Bridesmaids" comes in 10th place.

The sudden awards surge for "Bridesmaids" is fueled by its recent performance at the Golden Globes (nominations for Best Comedy/Musical Picture and lead actress Kristen Wiig), SAG Awards (nom for supporting actress Melissa McCarthy and an unexpected bid for best ensemble) and American Film Institute (10 Best Films of 2011).

Below: Gold Derby's experts' rankings today compared to one month ago. Number in parenthesis indicates how many experts out of 29 predict it will win Best Picture.

BEST PICTURE Dec. 19, 2011 Nov. 19, 2011
1. 'The Artist' (24) 42% - 11/8 odds 'Descendants' (11) 35% -  15/8 odds
2. ''Descendants' (3) 19% - 9/2 odds 'The Artist' (9) 29% - 12/5 odds
3. 'War Horse' (1) 8% - 12/1 odds 'War Horse' (7) 23% - 10/3 odds
4. 'The Help' (1) 8% - 12/1 odds 'Extremely Loud' - 5% - 20/1 odds
5. 'Hugo' - 7% - 14/1 'The Help' - 3% - 33/1
6. 'Extremely Loud' - 3% - 33/1 'Midnight in Paris' - 2% - 50/1
7. 'Moneyball' - 4% - 25/1 - 'Moneyball' - 1% - 100/1
8. 'Midnight in Paris' - 4% - 25/1 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' - 1% - 100/1
9. 'Tree of Life' - 2% - 50/1 'Tree of Life' - 1% - 100/1
10. 'Bridesmaids' - 1% - 100/1 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' - 1% - 100/1


PREDICT OSCAR NOMINEES: Will 'Bridesmaids' Nab a Bid for Best Picture?

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