News Nuggets: Scarlett Johansson will play Janet Leigh

By Daniel Montgomery
By Daniel Montgomery
Mar 03 2012 12:40 pm
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Scarlett Johansson cast as Janet Leigh in "Making of Psycho" movie: "According to Variety, the role of Janet Leigh will give Johansson a meaty career boost; the trade paper's sources compare it to Michelle Williams's lead role in 'My Week with Marilyn,' which scored the actress an Oscar nomination. Whether Johansson will be as lucky remains to be seen. [James] D'Arcy is also a new addition to the cast, but his role as [Anthony] Perkins is apparently small. Not that it matters: dude looks so much like Anthony Perkins that it's kinda scary. He can just stand in the background, not hurting flies and such." MOVIEFONE

Razzies for "Project X" next year? The reviews are brutal: "The reviews are in for the Todd Phillips-produced uber-party comedy 'Project X,' and three out of four critics agree: It is the douchiest, most mean-spirited debauch of the year. (To date, anyway; we'll see what kind of revisionist zest Steven Spielberg and co. bring to 'Lincoln.') Hop aboard Movieline's scorched-earth golf cart and let's go for a spin..." MOVIELINE

Can bad movies ever be good again? "After all, some films are so terrible that they gain a cult of devoted followers. It's those films that fans say can enhance our understanding and enjoyment of all movies, and provide some much-needed relief from the predictability of the film industry. They're also, aficionados worry, a dying breed ... It's this trend towards 'cookie-cutter' cinema that has fans of bad movies worried." BBC

Harvey Weinstein awarded the French Legion of Honor: "For his grand contribution to cinema, and for just having won France the Best Picture Oscar, President Sarkozy nominated Harvey Weinstein for the high honor and it’s just been announced he will be the recipient. It’s the least they can do, don’t you think? ... President Sarkozy wrote the following upon nominating Weinstein to the Légion d’Honneur: 'This prestigious distinction, which I wanted to come from my personal allocation, is a testimony of the admiration of millions of French citizens for the exceptional quality of the films that you have produced ...'" AWARDS DAILY

"One Life to Live" stars make the move to "General Hospital": "'If you are a 'One Life to Live' fan, you know that Blair is mama bear. Anything that her children needs, she is there,' says [Kassie] DePaiva. 'When Blair arrives, she’s only aware of the car accident. She’s unaware of the fallout of that accident and the drama and the sadness that unfolds.' Blair’s not the only one riding into town to support Starr. Blair’s on-again/off-again love interest/father of her children Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) is right behind her." EW.COM

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