Glenn Close promises 'great little twist' in 'Damages' finale [Video]

By Rob Licuria
By Rob Licuria
Jun 03 2012 10:45 am
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"I think I'd probably be intimidated by Patty Hewes," laughed Glenn Close when asked to decide whether she would prefer the "Damages" character as her friend or attorney. "I've played several roles in my career where they were actually very intimidating women, and Patty Hewes is definitely one of them."

Close has won three Tonys, two Golden Globes, and a SAG and contended for the Oscar six times, including this year for "Albert Nobbs." And yet, for many, it is her two-time Emmy Award winning role as the complicated and ruthless attorney that has served to define her career.

For Close, working in television with the calibre of writers and actors she gets to play with is like "walking into some great candy store. You know, all you want as an actor is to have some great people around you, with writing that will set the bar high for everyone. And that has been what our creators have done every single season."

In a video chat with Gold Derby, she admitted that the pace of TV became "a fantastic exercise in short term memory. You don't have time to just sit around and contemplate; you just go out and do it, and I think that can create a very exciting energy. The great plus side is that you actually create a history, an authentic history. It is why television writing, especially in longform drama in our country right now, I think is at a real golden age."

Moreso, for Close, working on a drama series gave her the opportunity to reach a wider audience. "I love the potential audience that TV gives you" she says. "TV is one of the main arteries of world culture, and what we pump into that nervous system has palpable effect, and so I take the power of television very seriously."

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Regarding the legacy and impact that the show has had on her, she revealed, "On the strength of one script, I signed away my life for six years, (and) it became one of the great journeys of my career. I think that the support we got from Sony and from FX was amazing, and then Sony's fight to find a new home for it on DirecTV; so we've had so many people along the way who have believed in the show and I think our audiences have always been highly engaged and you really can't ask for anything more, and I want to personally thank our audiences and the people who have supported our show."

The fourth season of "Damages" aired in 2011, so Close is eligible once again at the Emmys as Best Drama Actress, a category she won in 2008 and 2009 and contended again in 2010.

For the fifth and final season of the drama series airing this summer, her "Albert Nobbs" co-star Janet McTeer will be joining the cast as Kate Franklin, a former colleague who wants to take on Patty. She coyly admitted that the "Damages" finale "has a great little twist ... and I think it leaves the series in a really wonderful place."

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