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Can 'Breaking Bad' help 'MythBusters' finally win Reality Series Emmy?

By Daniel Montgomery
Nov 05 2012 06:10 am

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In a June interview, "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan expressed interest in doing a crossover episode with "MythBusters," Discovery's long-running series in which hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test the science behind urban legends and improbable Hollywood scenes.

Entertainment Weekly has now broken the news that the crossover is going forward and the episode, which will feature appearances by Gilligan and actor Aaron Paul, will air in the spring. The "MythBusters" team will test two scenes from the first season of "Breaking Bad," including one in which hydrofluoric acid dissolves a bathtub.

But will "Breaking Bad" be the key to finally winning "MythBusters" the Emmy for Best Reality Series? It has been nominated the last four years running, losing to "Intervention" (2009), "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" (2010), "Deadliest Catch" (2011) and "Undercover Boss" (2012), all shows dealing with subject matter of greater social import and emotional weight.

Emmy voters decide Best Reality Series by judging one sample episode, and poor "MythBusters" couldn't even win with their special episode featuring President Barack Obama, which they submitted against a tragic "Deadliest Catch" entry in 2011.

But unlike Obama, "Breaking Bad" has a proven track record at the Emmys, winning seven awards out of 29 nominations, so the AMC drama might be just the boost "MythBusters" needs to put it over the top.

mythbusters james cameron titanic emmys oscars entertainment newsHowever, if nominated for a fifth time, the "MythBusters" team could decide to submit an episode featuring an even bigger awards powerhouse: "Titanic" director and self-proclaimed king of the world James Cameron. He appeared in an October episode to test whether or not Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) died unnecessarily at the end of his blockbuster romance, which swept the 1997 Oscars, winning 11 of its 14 nominations, including Best Picture.

"Titanic" is tied for the most wins and most nominations in Oscar history and is the only film that holds both records.

If Emmy voters give "MythBusters" a fifth nomination for Best Reality Series, it would be tied with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" as the third most nominated show in the category ("Makeover" won twice), but would still be far behind "Antiques Roadshow," which has lost eight consecutive bids (2005-2012).

Last year's surprise winner, "Undercover Boss," could return to the race, as could "Deadliest Catch," which was submitted for consideration this year but snubbed. "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" is no longer on the air, and "Intervention" hasn't been nominated since its 2009 victory.

Plausible, busted, or confirmed: Could this be the best chance for "MythBusters" to finally win?

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