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Do Golden Globes = box office gold?

By Tom O'Neil
By Tom O'Neil
Dec 13 2012 22:18 pm

Golden Globe nominations entertainment news"This weekend, the top Globe nominee 'Lincoln' will surpass the second biggest Globe nominee 'Argo' in domestic box office," Gitesh Pandya (BoxOfficeGuru) tells Gold Derby. "Overall, I think the Globe nominations do more to adding to a film’s box office than the box office does to helping a film win Globes."

For many years, Pandya has tracked the financial aspect of the Globes derby, but it's hard to nail down. Sometimes Globe voters opt for the big ticket flick like "Avatar," which won Best Drama Picture of 2009, but often they reward indie chestnuts like "Babel" (2006) and "Atonement" (2007).

"Within the film industry, the Globes are not considered very prestigious," he adds. "However, the general public pays a lot of attention and therefore the Globe nods can make a big impact to box office sales and studio marketing campaigns.  After the Oscars, the Globes get the next best attention from regular movie fans so earning a Globe nod for Best Picture can give a shot in the arm to a film’s marketing push, especially for films that are November or December releases which can capitalize the most. Moonrise Kingdom will see no box office boost from its Best Picture nod."

Below: current ticket sales of top Globe nominees. See more at BoxOfficeGuru.


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