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Watch: Ewan McGregor on 'The Impossible' & 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen'

By Chris Beachum & Rob Licuria
By Chris Beachum & Rob Licuria
Dec 21 2012 07:14 am

The new film "The Impossible" tells the true story of a vacationing family torn apart by the devastating 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Star Ewan McGregor, told Gold Derby he was determined not to use his own family as inspiration for the terror and grief he needed to convey.

"I never made myself think about my children to prepare for a scene because it's too awful to think about them in that scenario," revealed the Scottish actor during a video chat. "So Naomi (Watts), and I, and these three boys, we created a little family there, and I just thought about them while playing the scenes."

For his role as family patriarch Henry, McGregor is being touted for Best Supporting Actor. He is currently in 10th place in our exclusive Gold Derby rankings. This would be his first nomination in a career filled with both indie films ("Trainspotting," "The Ghost Writer," "Beginners") and blockbusters ("Star Wars" prequels).

With regards to his wide range of roles, McGregor admits, "There's elements of me in all of them, I guess. I think you're acting from your experience in life and your imagination. Those two things come together. Even in sort of a subconscious way, the films you choose to do reflect you as a person and an actor. I think it's like an artist's paintings would reflect something about his or her self, and I feel the same about my work."

McGregor is also on the awards radar for early 2012 release "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen." He just picked up two Golden Globes bid for this low-key laffer -- Best Comedy/Musical Actor for and for producing the film. He lost his 2001 Best Comedy/Musical Actor bid for "Moulin Rouge" to Gene Hackman ("The Royal Tenenbaums").

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