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See how you did predicting the BAFTA Awards

By Gold Derby News Desk
By Gold Derby News Desk
Feb 11 2013 04:44 am

Over 600 Gold Derby readers predicted the winners in 20 categories at the BAFTA Awards for film. In total, our Users logged over 11,500 predictions.

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For a full breakdown of our results by category, click here.

EkremCemankrlgil correctly predicted 17 of the 20 races for a score of 85%. He even anticipated the surprise wins by "Silver Linings Playbook" in Adapted Screenplay (over "Argo") and "Brave" for Animated Feature (over "Frankenweenie") as well as upsets by "Les Miserables" (Production Design) and "Life of Pi" (Cinematography). However, he underestimated "Skyfall," which won Best British Film and Score, and opted for "The Hobbit" over "Les Miserables" in Makeup & Hairstyling. 

Thirteen of our Users scored 80% as did our top Expert -- Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today). She went with the favorites in four categories -- Adapted Screenplay, Animated Feature, Production Design and Makeup & Hairstyling.

Tariq Khan (Fox News) was second with 75% while Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes), Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby) and Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) all scored 70%. 

Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) and Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby) came in at 65% and Guy Lodge (HitFix) got 45%. 

Edward Douglas (Coming Soon) predicted 15 races and scored 67% while Thelma Adams (Yahoo) foresaw "Argo" winning Best Picture. 

Among our Editors, Marcus Dixon and Robert Licuria got 75%, David Schenlwar was at 65%,   followed by Darrin Dortch and Matt Noble at 60%, Daniel Montgomery at 55% and Chris Beachum with 45%. 

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