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See how you did predicting the Grammy Awards

By Gold Derby News Desk
By Gold Derby News Desk
Feb 11 2013 12:27 pm

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Over 550 Gold Derby readers predicted the winners in 35 categories at the Grammy Awards. In total, our Users logged over 15,000 predictions.

To see your results, log into your account and under your profile picture click Grammy Awards 2012. And to find out where you rank on our leaderboard, click here.

For a full breakdown of our results by category, click here.

Unlike Adele's clean sweep at last year's event, the Grammys spread the wealth this year in a night full of surprises. Three users outdid all others, predicting 24 out of 35 categories for a score of 69%: DaryOchoa, youllseemeontv, and kyller. Another 16 users predicted 23 categories right, for 66%.

That was better than any of our editors, among whom Darrin Dortch and David Schnelwar did best, predicting 21 out of 35 categories (60%). They were followed by Marcus Dixon (55%), Daniel Montgomery (49%), Rob Licuria (46%), and Chris Beachum (35%). Matt Noble predicted 11 categories and scored 55%.

Only two of our nine experts predicted all 35 categories with Glenn Gamboa (Newsday) scoring better, with 20 correct (58%). Among his savvy choices, he accurately predicted the Black Keys' sweep of the rock field, as well as Zac Brown Band's upset victory for Best Country Album. Gold Derby's Paul Sheehan was close behind with 19 out of 35 (55%).

Edna Gundersen (USA Today) correctly predicted 12 out of 24 categories (50%), while Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo! Music) got 10 out of 23 (44%).

Two experts entered predictions in 22 races: Shirley Halperin (Hollywood Reporter) batted .500 with 11 correct (50%) and Phil Gallo (Billboard) foresaw five winners (23%).

Leah Greenblatt (Entertainment Weekly) nailed eight of her 14 predix (58%) while Chris Willman went five for 12 (42%).

Gold Derby's Tom O'Neil predicted the fewest categories among experts, scoring seven out of 10 (70%).

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