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Can Aaron Paul ('Breaking Bad') repeat as Drama Supporting Actor at Emmys?

By Gold Derby News Desk
By Gold Derby News Desk
Mar 11 2013 07:00 am

At last year's Emmys, Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad") broke the curse of the Best Drama Supporting Actor. This 2010 champ became the first winner in 17 years to pick up another trophy for the same role. 

Our editors and users agree that he is all but certain to take home Emmy #3 this year. With the backing of seven editors and two-thirds of users, he has leading odds of 19 to 10

In second place is Mandy Patinkin who was snubbed last year for the first season of "Homeland." With about 15% of users expecting him to win this year, that gives him odds of 4 to 1. 

With the backing of 5% of users, 2011 winner Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") has odds of 13 to 2. 

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Sam Waterston, who contended unsuccessfully in the lead race for his last two drama series -- "Law & Order" and "I'll Fly Away" -- is likely to reap a bid for the first season of "The Newsroom." However, he has odds of only 10 to 1. 

While Paul's co-star Jonathan Banks is likely to land his first nomination, he has odds of only 12 to 1.

Currently, Corey Stoll is tipped to take the sixth slot for the first season of House of Cards." He has odds of 25 to 1. However, Brendan Coyle could reap a repeat bid for "Downton Abbey." 

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