10 Golden Globe game changers

By Charles Bright
By Charles Bright
Jan 05 2014 16:07 pm
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Warren Beatty once famously said, "The Globes are fun. The Oscars are business." However, the Globes have shaken up the Academy Awards on more than one occasion when they got down to the business of busting early expectations. Take a tour through our photo gallery featuring 10 times when a win at the Globes changed the direction of the Oscar race and led the Globe victor to prevail with Academy voters.


Golden Globes: Top 10 Game Changers EVER

Best Director: Mel Gibson, 'Braveheart' (1995)

In the lead up to the 1995 Golden Globes, critic's groups had been going for Mike Figgis for "Leaving Las Vegas," Ron Howard for "Apollo 13," and Ang Lee for "Sense and Sensibility." But at the ceremony, Mel Gibson ("Braveheart") bested all of them in the Best Director category and charmed the audience with his acceptance speech: "My wife deserves a mention. Otherwise I'll have a Golden Globe mark on my head." When the Oscars came, both Howard and Lee were left out of the Best Director category and Gibson would not only win the Oscar for directing but take home the Best Picture prize as the movie's co-producer.

-- Charles Bright

Best Director: Mel Gibson, 'Braveheart' (1995)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Basinger, 'L.A. Confidential' (1997)
Best Supporting Actor: Jim Broadbent, 'Iris' (2001)
Best Actress: Nicole Kidman, 'The Hours' (2002)
Best Original Score: Elliot Goldenthal, 'Frida' (2002)
Best Director: Clint Eastwood, 'Million Dollar Baby' (2004)
Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney, 'Syriana' (2005)
Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Weisz, 'The Constant Gardener' (2005)
Best Foreign Language Film: 'In a Better World' (2010)
Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, 'Django Unchained' (2012)
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