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Cate Blanchett is seventh Oscar winner from Woody Allen films

By Chris Beachum
By Chris Beachum
Mar 02 2014 21:55 pm

While Woody Allen couldn't probably care less about Sunday's Oscar results, Cate Blanchett is now the seventh performer to win for appearing in one of his films. And considering he both writes and directs their performances, all of them certainly owe much to him for their victories. Only William Wyler (14) and Elia Kazan (9) have directed more Oscar-winning performances. 

Allen's first Oscar-winning performer was Diane Keaton for Best Actress in "Annie Hall" (1977). She and Blanchett are the only two of the seven to win as leads.

Michael Caine was his only Best Supporting Actor winner to date; he won his first Oscar for "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1986). Also from that film was Dianne Wiest, who won the first of two Oscars working for Allen. The second came for "Bullets Over Broadway" (1994).

The other two women who owe their Oscars to Allen are Mira Sorvino ("Mighty Aphrodite," 1995) and Penelope Cruz ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona," 2008).

"Blue Jasmine" was a showcase for Blanchett who picked up a Best Actress bookend to her 2004 supporting award for "The Aviator." Her co-star Sally Hawkins was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

With 18 nominated performances overall, Allen is tied for sixth with Mike Nichols, Sidney Lumet, and George Stevens. Those men rank behind Wyler (36), Kazan (24), Martin Scorsese (22), George Cukor (21), and Fred Zinnemann (20).

To see all 18 Oscar-nominated performers, take a tour through our photo gallery below. It features photos of each character and lists who won and competed in the categories.


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