'American Idol' Top 12 odds: The winner will be Sam, M.K. or Malaya

By Marcus James Dixon
By Marcus James Dixon
Mar 05 2014 23:22 pm
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Oct 14 2014 14:59 pm
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If Gold Derby's current "American Idol" odds hold true until the end Season 13, you can expect the final three to feature a showdown between 17-year-old Sam Woolf from Bradenton, FL, 20-year-old M.K. Nobilette from San Francisco, CA and 16-year-old Malaya Watson from Southfield, MI.

Heading into Top 12 week, Sam has leading 12/5 odds to earn the title of 2014's "American Idol." M.K. and Mayala are tied for second place with 3/1 odds, while fourth place goes to 22-year-old Caleb Johnson from Asheville, NC with 9/2 odds.

M.K. and Mayala's second-place standings are surprising considering the ladies were in the bottom two last week. Perhaps our oddsmakers are betting on the fact that America will feel sorry for them and throw extra support their way for the rest of the competition?

If you haven't voted yet for who you think will win "American Idol" or who will get voted out next, do so now before Thursday's results show, and then every week until the end of the season. Simply log into your account and then click on the "American Idol" button to start predicting.

And as always, join the "American Idol" discussion in our TV forum.

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