'American Idol' cliffhanger: Caleb Johnson and C.J. Harris in big trouble?

By Tom O'Neil
By Tom O'Neil
Apr 02 2014 21:36 pm
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Aug 23 2015 13:55 pm
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When Ryan Seacrest flashed early poll results to "American Idol" voting on Wednesday's show, something seemed odd. Contestants with low support had just received raves for their musical performances from the "American Idol" judges.

Caleb Johnson ranked third out of four contestants evaluated by "American Idol" viewers over age 21 and he was in dead last among voters under 21 in the poll. But Jennifer Lopez declared his performance of "Chain of Fools" "perfect" and Keith Urban swooned, "You're a blues warrior! Soul conqueror! Rock and roll viking!"

Alex Preston was also dangling in the bottom rungs of those polls even though that notorious curmudgeon Harry Connick Jr. praised him for singing his own tune: "I like the fact that you did an original and I liked the arrangement. You were shaking that bravado out!" Keith Urban added: "Great job, Alex!"

'American Idol' poll: Vote for best & worst performances on Top 8 show

C.J. Harris ranked third out of four choices in the poll of "Idol" fans under 21, but better (second place) with the over-21 crowd. After he sang "Soul Shine," Jennifer Lopez gushed, "That sounded so soulful and heartful!" Connick called his perf a "really nice job." Keith Urban said "good job."

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Right now C.J. Harris has the best odds (8/11) to be voted out on Thursday night, followed by Dexter Roberts (23/10), according to the predictions of Gold Derby users. Caleb Johnson is out front to win the whole shabang. See more predictions here. Make yours here or below.


American Idol: Season 13 Singers

Top 13 of 'American Idol' Season 13

"American Idol" and Ryan Seacrest are back for Season 13, this time with judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

Click arrow to the right of the group photo to learn more about each of the Top 13 singers who made it to the 2014 live rounds.

Top 13 of 'American Idol' Season 13
Caleb Johnson - Winner
Jena Irene - Runner-up
Alex Preston - Eliminated in Top 3 Week
Jessica Meuse - Eliminated in Top 4 Week
Sam Woolf - Eliminated in Top 5 Week
C.J. Harris  - Eliminated in Top 6 Week
Dexter Roberts - Eliminated in Top 7 Week
Malaya Watson - Eliminated in Top 8 Week, Part 2
Majesty Rose - Eliminated in Top 9 Week
M.K. Nobilette - Eliminated in Top 10 Week
Ben Briley - Eliminated in Top 11 Week
Emily Piriz - Eliminated in Top 12 Week
Kristen O'Connor - Eliminated in Top 13 Week
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