'So You Think You Can Dance' contest: Win prizes by predicting Season 11

By Marcus James Dixon
By Marcus James Dixon
Jul 13 2014 03:30 am
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Sep 04 2015 18:18 pm
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Judge Nigel Lythgoe and Emmy-nominated host Cat Deeley are back for Season 11 of "So You Think You Can Dance," but this time YOU can get in on the dance craze and win prizes along the way.

Now that the current season of Fox's dancing reality show has narrowed its pool of singers down to the Top 18, it's time for you to pick your favorites (and least favorites) and try your luck in our weekly prediction contest.


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Face off against fellow "So You Think You Can Dance" fans every week here at Gold Derby as you predict everything from who will ultimately win the competition to which dancers will be eliminated every episode. Answer our questions before every episode and you will earn points based on correct predictions. You can continue to update and edit your picks before every episode airs, just click "Save Predictions" when you've settled on your choice.

To cast your votes, simply log into your predictions on the top-right of every Gold Derby page and then click on the "So You Think You Can Dance" button. Answer each episode's questions by dragging contestants from the left to the right and arranging them in order of preference. You can drag everyone over, or just the dancers you're most interested in. At any time you can click on contestants' names to get more information on each dancer.

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Keep up with the users leaderboards by clicking here, and as always, join the "So You Think You Can Dance" discussion in our Gold Derby reality TV forum.

Whoever scores the most game points at the end of the season wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate. So what are you waiting for? It's time to take on your fellow "Dance" fans!

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Emmys: 22 Most Shocking Upsets EVER

Katherine Heigl wins a @#%&*! Emmy! (2007)

Frontrunners, beware! Unlike another top industry award, the Oscars, where the expected winners have a tendency of winning, Emmy history is full of shocking victories and surprising defeats. Because the Emmys are decided by panels viewing sample episodes and not by a straight popular vote, upsets are par for the course.

Above: The camera caught Heigl mouthing "S---!" from the audience when her name was called as the winner of Best Supporting Drama Actress for "Grey's Anatomy" in 2007, and most Emmy pundits had a similar reaction. When accepting the trophy, Heigl admitted that even her mother thought she would lose. She was facing stiff competition from her co-stars Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, as well as Rachel Griffiths from "Brothers and Sisters" and Lorraine Bracco and Aida Turturro from "The Sopranos." The very next year she didn't submit her name for consideration and when Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil asked her why, she blamed the writers, resulting in a major backlash. She was never nominated again and was subsequently written off the show, but to date she is the only actor to win an Emmy for the ABC medical soap.

Click arrow on right side of photo above to see 21 other Emmy jaw-droppers.

Katherine Heigl wins a @#%&*! Emmy! (2007)
Jim Parsons snatches the Emmy from Steve Carell (2011)
'Top Chef' halts 'The Amazing Race' juggernaut (2010)
Ricky Gervais gets the last laugh (2007)
'Cheers' theme song loses (1983)
Kyle Chandler thwarts 'Mad' man Jon Hamm (2011)
'Law & Order' gets a surprise verdict (1997)
The wrong red head wins (1952)
'Arrested Development' beats 'Raymond' (2004)
Lindsay Wagner proves to be truly bionic (1977)
Peter MacNicol beats Robert Downey Jr. (2001)
Vindication for 'thirtysomething' (1988)
'The Dick Van Dyke Show' beats 'Beverly Hillbillies' (1963)
Hey, hey, it's 'The Monkees' (1967)
Humble 'Picket Fences' (1993)
'Picket Fences' beats 'NYPD Blue' (1994)
'The Practice' rubs out 'The Sopranos' (1999)
Isabel Sanford wins Best Comedy Actress (1981)
'Barney Miller' beats 'Taxi' (1982)
'Marco Polo' beats 'Brideshead Revisited' (1982)
James Spader wins THREE TIMES (2004, 2005, 2007)
'Rockford Files' beats 'Lou Grant' (1978)
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