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Who'll be booted off 'American Idol' next? C.J. Harris or Dexter Roberts?

By Tom O'Neil
By Tom O'Neil
Apr 01 2014 14:39 pm

American Idol Dexter Roberts C.J. Harris entertainment news

For the second week in a row, Alex Preston leads with the best odds (currently 13 to 8) from Gold Derby readers to win this season of "American Idol" after eclipsing Caleb Johnson, who hovers in second place with 23 to 10 odds. See more odds here.

That's surprising considering Preston got blasted by the judges last week for failing to give enough spunk or mobility to his riff on No Doubt's "Don't Speak."

"You can give the chill version of a song, but I want you to give it more edge," Keith Urban said. JLo was tougher: "Your delivery sucked the energy out of the song."



'Survivor: Cagayan' predictions: What shockers are next on #Survivor?

By Tom O'Neil
By Tom O'Neil
Apr 01 2014 10:13 am

Survivor Jeremiah Wood #Survivor Cagayan predict

"When you hit the merge, the game changes," warns our senior editor Matt Noble in our "Survivor: Cagayan" chat on the eve of the April 3 telecast.

Now the contestants employ new strategies as they abandon tribal loyalties in favor of brazen selfish tactics that may help them to be the last survivor standing.

Currently, Spencer Bledsoe has the best odds (21/10) to win the game, followed by Yung "Woo" Hwang (27 to 10), according to predictions by Gold Derby users. Most likely to get the boot: Jeremiah Wood (19/10), followed by the scheming Tony Vlachos (2/1). See more predictions here. Make your predictions -- click here and win prizes that include $100 Amazon Gift Certificate plus your personal chat via webcam with "Survivor" host Jeff Probst.



Poll: Will controversial 'How I Met Your Mother' finale attract attention of Emmy voters?

By Paul Sheehan
By Paul Sheehan
Apr 01 2014 09:40 am

How I Met Your Mother finale ending TV entertainment news 13579086

"How I Met Your Mother signed off Monday after nine seasons with a finale that left fans divided as to its ending. The hour-long episode drew record ratings for this CBS staple. Will all this attention, both good and bad, be enough to get this laffer back onto the radar of Emmy voters? 



'Dancing with the Stars': Injury, tears, and perfect 10s in dramatic third week of competition

By Daniel Montgomery
By Daniel Montgomery
Mar 31 2014 22:00 pm

dancing with the stars dwts meryl davis derek hough amy purdy billy dee williams

Our users predicted the elimination of actor Billy Dee Williams this week on "Dancing With the Stars," but not like this. The 76-year-old star announced he was withdrawing from the competition due to chronic back problems and therefore wasn't able to perform.



News Nuggets: Women in Film name Cate Blanchett, Kerry Washington as best actresses

By Chris Beachum
By Chris Beachum
Mar 31 2014 15:25 pm

Women in Film Cate Blanchett Kerry Washington Lea Michele Entertainment News entertainment news nuggetsWomen in Film announce their five honorees for the 2014 Crystal + Lucy Awards, to be held on June 11 in Los Angeles. Recent Oscar champ Cate Blanchett ("Blue Jasmine") is named for excellence in film. Emmy nominee Kerry Washington ("Scandal") will receive the award for excellence in television. Rose Byrne (face of the future), Jennifer Lee (director, "Frozen"), and Eva Longoria (humanatarian) are the other recipients who will be honored at the annual charity event. Variety.



Poll: Is 'The Walking Dead' the absolute WORST hit TV show of all time?

By Marcus James Dixon
By Marcus James Dixon
Mar 31 2014 13:57 pm

The Walking Dead, Season Finale, Andrew Lincoln, Zombies, Entertainment, News

Okay, TV fans, it's truth time. Is "The Walking Dead" the absolute WORST hit show of all time? (Vote in our poll below!)

Sure, it's crammed full of exciting things like scary zombies, cool weaponry, life-and-death survival and the freaking apocalypse, but "The Walking Dead" is a regular punching bag for many fans who brag that they "hate-watch" the series in order to pull apart the bad writing and inconceivable plot holes.



Amazon picks up new series from 'X-Files', 'Six Feet Under', 'The Wire' producers

By Chris Beachum
By Chris Beachum
Mar 31 2014 12:55 pm

Amazon The X-Files The Wire Six Feet Under Moonrise Kingdom Entertainment News

Amazon has listened to members of their streaming service and is picking up six new series for the upcoming TV season. The programs are from the creative minds of such past Emmy favorites as "The X-Files," "Six Feet Under," and "The Wire," as well as award-winning films "About a Boy" and "Moonrise Kingdom."



Will Emmys welcome home John Goodman for starring role on Amazon's 'Alpha House'?

By Chris Beachum
By Chris Beachum
Mar 31 2014 12:48 pm

Alpha House John Goodman Garry Trudeau Amazon Entertainment News

John Goodman has enjoyed a long history with the Emmy Awards, reaping 11 bids over the past quarter century.  But he has only one win to show for all of that hard work. Could his rookie comedy series "Alpha House" finally get him that bookend trophy? 



'The Walking Dead' poll: Are Emmy voters afraid of zombie bites?

By Paul Sheehan
By Paul Sheehan
Mar 31 2014 12:39 pm

walking dead season finale andrew lincoln melissa mcbride TV entertainment news 19538647

Daniel Montgomery sure makes a strong case as to why "The Walking Dead" is a viable contender at the Emmys:

This has never been simply a show about the undead feasting on brains. It's about moral choices and psychological consequences; how do human beings reconcile their once civilized nature with a newly uncivilized world. "The Walking Dead" more closely resembles Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" than most zombie movies.

However, members of the TV academy have been reluctant to embrace the horror genre over the years. Part of the reason for that may be to due to there being so little scary fare to consider. Indeed, broadcast networks shied away from the genre, save for the occasional foray by sc-fi shows such as "The X-Files," "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits."




Inside Track: Oscar Predictions

Oscars predictions

Earliest Oscars Predictions Ever

Our Oscars Prediction Center is now open. See our Users' rankings. Make your early picks now -- click here -- and change them later as the derby heats up.

Odds   View %  
1 BoyhoodBoyhood
2 FoxcatcherFoxcatcher
3 UnbrokenUnbroken
4 Gone GirlGone Girl
5 BirdmanBirdman
6 InterstellarInterstellar
7 Inherent ViceInherent Vice
8 The Grand Budapest HotelThe Grand Budapest Hotel
9 The Imitation GameThe Imitation Game
10 Into the WoodsInto the Woods
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