Golden Globes: Top 11 TV Snubs

'The Big Bang Theory':' Not Best TV Comedy/Musical Actor

Forgive Jim Parsons if he is a little hurt by the HFPA. After all, he won the Globe last year and is the reigning two-time Emmy champ for his work as a geeky physicist on "The Big Bang Theory." While he couldn't win over Globe voters, his co-star Johnny Galecki reaped his first bid. 

'The Big Bang Theory':' Not Best TV Comedy/Musical Actor
'American Horror Story': Not Best TV Drama Actor & Actress
'Glee:' Not Best TV Supporting Actor & Actress
'Breaking Bad': Not Best TV Drama
'Curb Your Enthusiasm': Not Best Comedy/Musical Series
'The Office: Not Best TV Comedy/Musical Actor
'Mike & Molly': Not Best TV Comedy/Musical Actress
'The Kennedys': Not  Best TV Movie/Miniseries
'Sons of Anarchy': Not Best TV Drama Actress
'Page Eight': Not Best TV Movie/Miniseries Actress
'The Hour': Not Best TV Movie/Miniseries Actor


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