Emmys: Episodes That Would've Been Winners

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (2001: 'The Body')

One of the heartbreaking aspects of watching the Emmys is those times when we witness the snub a performer who we know could have won if only they had been nominated, because we know they had the episode to do it.

For instance, Emmy voters were notoriously unkind to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and its star, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Had she been nominated in 2001, she could have submitted one of the show's most famous episodes: "The Body," in which she discovers that her mother has died and struggles helplessly to revive her.

That year, she would have faced eventual Best Drama Actress winner Edie Falco ("The Sopranos"), who submitted "Second Opinion," in which Carmela consults a psychiatrist about her marriage to mob-boss Tony.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (2001: 'The Body')
Susanna Thompson, 'Once and Again' (2002: 'Gardenia')
Dennis Haysbert and Penny Johnson Jerald, '24' (2002: 'Day 1: 11pm - 12am')
Peter Krause, 'Six Feet Under' (2003: 'I'm Sorry, I'm Lost')
Lauren Graham, 'Gilmore Girls' (2004: 'Raincoats and Recipes')
Kristen Bell, 'Veronica Mars' (2005: 'A Trip to the Dentist')
Connie Britton, 'Friday Night Lights' (2007: 'I Think We Should Have Sex')
Jane Krakowski, '30 Rock' (2007: 'Hard Ball')
Blair Underwood, 'In Treatment' (2008: 'Alex: Week Six')
Vincent Kartheiser, 'Mad Men' (2008: 'New Amsterdam')
Walton Goggins, 'The Shield' (2009: 'Family Meeting')
Katey Sagal, 'Sons of Anarchy' (2010: 'Balm')
Zach Gilford, 'Friday Night Lights' (2010: 'The Son')
Danny Pudi, 'Community' (2011: 'Critical Film Studies')
The Cast of 'Lost' (2005-2010)
Mireille Enos, 'The Killing' (2012: '72 Hours')
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