Oscars: Top 20 Unforgivable Losses

20. Richard Burton ('Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf') loses Best Actor to Paul Scofield ('A Man for All Seasons')(1966)

OK, let's face it: We often have to endure some outrageous Oscar choices. We grin and bear them, but some doozies will never, never do. Let's count down the 20 worst snubs. Click the arrow along the right side of the photo above to continue.

Arguably, Richard Burton was Hollywood's greatest actor, but he went to his grave as Oscar's biggest loser. Among his 7 defeats was the greatest role of his esteemed career -- portraying  a warring spouse in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," which scored Oscar victories for two of its other stars: Elizabeth Taylor and Sandy Dennis. Instead, the Best Actor gold went to Paul Scofield, who swept to victory with the Best Picture win for "A Man for All Seasons."

To count down the rest of Oscar's unforgivable losses, click the arrow to the right of the picture above.

-- Tom O'Neil and Chris Beachum


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