Oscars: Top 12 Overdue Directors

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan broke through at the Oscars with a screenplay nomination for "Memento" in 2001. He gained further acclaim in 2008 with "The Dark Knight," leading to widespread outrage when the film was snubbed for Best Picture and Best Director. Its exclusion is believed to be one of the catalysts for the Academy's expansion of Best Picture to 10 films. And there was further outrage when his 2010 film "Inception" was nominated for Best Picture, but Nolan was once again left out of the Best Director lineup.

Christopher Nolan
Ridley Scott
David O. Russell
Paul Thomas Anderson
David Fincher
Peter Weir
Spike Lee
Tim Burton
Gus Van Sant
Richard Linklater
Wes Anderson
Baz Luhrmann
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