Oscars: Top 10 Worst Best Picture Winners

'Crash' (2005)

The academy usually gets the top award right, but they have been known to pick pictures that were less-than-stellar. Sometimes, the real winner that year wasn't even in the running at the Oscars. 

Jack Nicholson unleashed one of the biggest backlashes in Oscar history when he announced that "Crash" won Best Picture of 2005 over "Brokeback Mountain." Earlier that year, "Brokeback" broke awards records by winning the most Best Picture trophies (26) in film history and, on Oscar night, it bagged the two victories that usually go with the top prize: Best Director and Screenplay. However, many conservative academy members refused to give their highest honor to a film that celebrated homosexual romance. Some of them like Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine even bashed the movie publicly. Borgnine fumed, "If John Wayne were alive, he'd be rolling over in his grave!" 

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