Andrea Navedo Q&A: ‘Jane the Virgin’

Andrea Navedo, who plays Xiomara Villaneva, the mother of the title character on “Jane the Virgin,” credits its creator Jennie Urman for taking care of the cast so well. “It’s important to her that it’s a balanced show and that’s it not just one character and that us as actors are getting an opportunity to be creative and show our stuff.”

“Jane the Virgin,” which is inspired by a Venezuelan telenovela, centers around Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) who is accidentally artificially inseminated. She must navigate her way through motherhood with the help of her family and friends. As a woman forced to be a grandmother before her time, Navedo has to walk a fine line between comedy and drama.

The actress reveals that landing this rich role, which recently won her an Imagen Award (kudos that recognize achievements by Latino performers), didn’t come easy. She hails from the east coast and feared leaving her family. Her decision to audition ultimately paid off.

As she explains, “After several call backs and a chemistry read with Gina I booked the role. So I came back a month later after all that fear I went through about not being guaranteed a job, about what a horrible mother I am, what a horrible wife I am, and all these things that I did to myself. Had I not gone, I would not be on ‘Jane the Virgin’ so I had to push past those mental obstacles and, really, fear and go for it.”

If Navedo reaps a Supporting Comedy Actress nomination, she knows the episode that she would submit to Emmy voters. “The episode (chapter 33) where I’m dealing with turning 40 years old and the insecurities about that and what am I doing with my life and my dreams and all those things. That had some nice colors in it.”

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