Editors Debate Best Drama Series of ‘The Crown’ vs. ‘This Is Us’ vs. ‘The Americans’

In the absence of two-time champ “Game of Thrones,” Gold Derby editors Tom O’Neil, Paul Sheehan, Daniel Montgomery and Marcus James Dixon are divided on what will win Best Drama Series at this year’s Emmys. O’Neil and Dixon are picking NBC’s “This Is Us,” Sheehan is opting for Netflix’s “The Crown” while Montgomery’s choice is FX’s “The Americans.” Who’s right? Watch our editors’ slugfest above or listen to the podcast version below.

Despite “The Crown” losing at the BAFTA TV Awards, Sheehan remains confident that the Golden Globe champ will prevail on Emmy night, saying, “It’s Netflix, which has become this big player in the game. There’s enough buzz around it still and they’ve done some great FYC events here in Los Angeles.”

Montgomery defends his pick of the Russian spy drama, which is hoping to prevail for its fifth season. “‘The Americans’ is airing at the right time. It just had its season finale this past week, leading up to Emmy voting. It’s on the right trajectory. It got into Drama Series, Actor and Actress last year for the very first time.”

In defending his prediction, Dixon explains, “Grandmas love ‘This Is Us,’ little children love ‘This Is Us,’ every race, every age, every size. It’s so broad. That’s the reason ‘Modern Family’ won [Best Comedy Series] five years in a row. Everyone watched it, and everyone saw themselves in that show.”

O’Neil brings up several other major contenders in the race, including “Stranger Things,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Better Call Saul,” “House of Cards” and “Westworld.” What will win? See O’Neil’s Emmy picks here. See Sheehan’s here. See Montgomery’s here. See Dixon’s here. See the racetrack odds of all of Gold Derby’s website editors.

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