Jaime Camil Q&A: ‘Jane the Virgin’

Season two of “Jane the Virgin” ended on a couple of major cliffhangers (SPOILERS to follow). Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) learned she was pregnant after vowing that she didn’t want another child. And the episode ended with Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) getting shot right after his wedding to Jane (Gina Rodriguez). “I went on a hunger strike when I read that,” admits Jaime Camil, who plays Jane’s father and Michael’s friend Rogelio de la Vega, during our recent webcam chat (watch above).

“As a cast we decided not to read the script of the season finale until we were all together at the table read,” the actor explains, so they learned about the plot twists much the way the audience did. And Xiomara’s pregnancy was especially shocking, not just because of her vow not to have more kids, but because she had recently slept with Esteban (Keller Wortham), Rogelio’s arch-nemesis. “What? No!” Camil thought about that development. “This is wrong on so many levels … She’s sleeping with the devil!”

But Camil keeps it all in perspective. “In every good story you must make the hero suffer. Otherwise you don’t have a story.” And though he has no idea where season three will take them, he has complete trust in series creator Jennie Urman. “Now that we know her so well, whatever she decided to do and wherever she decides to take the show is going to be great because she’s so good.”

Camil hasn’t had much time to relax since “Jane the Virgin” wrapped for the season. On May 31 he began a limited run as Billy Flynn in Broadway‘s long-running musical “Chicago.” Fitting so much preparation into the few weeks before his first show was daunting, but it was also the realization of a longtime dream. Camil remembers, “Eleven years ago I was going to be in the original Broadway cast of ‘The Mambo Kings’ … but when we got to New York the producers realized they were over-budget, so they pulled the plug and we never got to open … So 11 years after having a big frustration of not being able to open on Broadway we’re here and we’re having a blast.”

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