Jay Duplass Q&A: ‘Transparent’

“Despite his terrible behavior, he has this desire to do good” says Jay Duplass as we chat via webcam (watch above) about his character — Josh Pfefferman, a music producer plagued by relationship troubles and bad decisions — on the Amazon comedy series “Transparent.” As the actor explains, “He wants to be a father, a husband, to provide and take care of people. He just has zero skills which makes it comical and fun to watch. It gives me as a performer a long way to go with the character.”

Duplass admits, “I am wildly different. I’ve been with my wife for 15 years with two young children. I grew up going to Catholic school and being overly responsible. I think Josh  has had sex with  more women in season one than I have in my entire life.” His experience of playing a character so different from himself has been a eye-opener. “I live near where this show is set. It is very shocking when people see me at the grocery store with my kids. But if they see me on the street without my kids, they don’t say ‘great show,’ they say ‘don’t you fuck it up with that rabbi, or I will hunt you down.’”

For Duplass, his most pivotal scene of the second season was when Josh’s son, Colton, leaves. “He says ‘tell me if you want me to stay, just say the word.’ Josh can’t do it. It was so interesting for me as a performer.” As he explains, “Every bone in my body wanted to take that kid and bring him home. I didn’t understand it at first. Why Josh was completely frozen. But it’s the exact example of how the Pfeffermans become frozen to inaction.”

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