Jennie Urman Q&A: ‘Jane the Virgin’ creator

“I want ‘Jane the Virgin’ to be a show that makes you feel a lot of things at once,” declares creator and showrunner Jennie Urman during our recent webcam chat (watch above) as she reflects on the shocking second season finale. Jane (Gina Rodriquez) sees her new husband Michael (Brett Dier) shot as he leaves their honeymoon suite. As she explains, “we really wanted that to be loaded with a lot of moments. I felt bad because I feel like we were doubling down on that wedding and making people feel all of this stuff and I knew that the ending was going to be shocking.”

She readily admits it can be a challenge to bring out the comedy aspects every week: “It’s a hard show in general because I feel like each episode needs all of these different elements in order to get the alchemy right. It needs big comic set pieces, real heartfelt family drama, and a telenovela twist at the end so that you’ll want to come back when we say ‘To be continued’.”

“Jane the Virgin” is the most critically hailed and awarded show on the CW, scooping up a Peabody Award and Golden Globe for Rodriguez last year as well as Comedy Series bids from both the Globes and Critics Choice Awards. However, it was all but snubbed at last year’s Emmys, with just one nomination for narrator Anthony Mendez.

But Urman says she’s happy just to be contention. “It’s so overwhelming to think that people think you are deserving and that you should be in those conversations. I have not really lost the ‘oh my gosh! There’s a sentence and we’re both in it ‘Emmy’ and ‘Jane” – so that feels great.”

And she reveals she is entering the finale as her episode submission for Comedy Writing at the Emmys. “It did all the things we wanted it to do. It had her personal life and her professional life and it was emotional and had the telenovela roots.”

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