John Scott Shepherd Q&A: ‘You Me Her’ creator

“Strangely enough, I had already been thinking about alternative relationships, particularly polyamory,” says John Scott Shepherd as we chat via webcam about his DirecTV series “You Me Her” (watch above). The half-hour comedy follows a suburban married couple, Jack and Emma (Greg Poehler and Rachel Blanchard), who both fall for a young college student Izzy (Priscilla Faia) and decide to bring her into their relationship.

“I really want this to feel like a hurricane came into their lives,” says Shepherd about the effects of the new triad romance on the characters’ lives, but even though love story is unconventional, Shepherd wanted it to follow the conventions of romantic comedies from “the meet-cute right through to the race to the airport.”

That’s exactly how season one ended, with Jack and Emma chasing down Izzy before she gets on a plane to leave town for good. So what happens next now that the three of them have officially decided to give it a go? We’ll get to find out, since “You Me Her” was renewed not just for a second season but a third season as well, and that’s going to shake up the rom-com formula. “If season one was about ‘Holy crap are we were really going to do this?'” Shepherd explains, “then season two is about trying to stay together when everything in the world is tearing them apart. You can lock the door and build a moat, but really your biggest problems are right inside with you. It’s each other. Three is the oddest number.”

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