Jordan Fisher Q&A: ‘Grease Live’

“The show wasn’t broken,” readily admits “Grease: Live” star Jordan Fisher as we chat via webcam (watch above). “The script, the dialogue, the music, it’s transcended through decades for a reason. That said, going into it, everybody’s mentality was just kind of like, ‘Alright, let’s have fun.’” “Grease” began life on Broadway in 1972 before being turned into a film in 1978 that still ranks as one of the highest grossing movie musicals of all time.

Fisher, a singer/songwriter featured in the Disney shows “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Liv and Maddie,” took on the role of Doody, close friend to Danny Zuko (Aaron Tveit). His big number, “Those Magic Changes,” was not included in the 1978 film but was a showstopper in the original tuner. “Our writers definitely wanted to pay homage to that,” the actor explains. “They said, ‘We want to make it a moment for the show, and allow people to care about Doody and his dreams and his desires and his goals.”

Doody was played in the film by Barry Pearl, who makes an appearance this go-round as Stan Weaver. Fisher had met Pearl years ago during a production of “Aladdin” in Pasadena, and the two were excited to work together again. “From the first table read, with tears in his eyes,” revealed Fisher, “he said, ‘I’m proud to be able to pass the torch,’ and that kind of allowed me to continue to pay homage to the original content and at the same time, be able to play and do something that hasn’t been done yet.”

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