Juno Temple Q&A: ‘Vinyl’

“Getting to shoot a pilot with Martin Scorsese directing you was a pretty exciting prospect” admits Juno Temple as we chat via webcam (watch above) about her new HBO drama series “Vinyl.” On this period piece set in the 1970s, she plays Jamie Vine, an ambitious assistant at a record label who beds down one rising star. As she recalls, “Marty told me after the rehearsal that I had to do it completely naked, with Mick Jagger’s son. That was pretty nerve-wracking.”

Temple credits the Oscar-winning director for bring out the best in her. “The energy he has is like more than 10 ten-year-olds put in a room together, and that was magic. It’s quite inspirational. Post lunch you’re a bit sleepy and he comes in ready and raring to go. You have to keep up your energy.” And she recalls “he would also do this amazing thing. Every time you spoke about films with him – doesn’t matter how obscure, old or un-viewed – a copy of that DVD would be in your trailer about 20 minutes later.”

The actress describes her character as “ambitious, hungry and smart. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get her foot through the door but I also think she passionately believes that music is something that can change people’s lives.” As for she compares to Jamie? “We both love music and we both love cool clothing. But I do spend a lot of time in my pajamas. I think Jamie would never be caught dead in her pajamas.”

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