Michelle Monaghan Q&A: ‘The Path’

“I think everybody is interested in what happens behind closed doors,” says Michelle Monaghan as we chat webcam (watch above) about what attracted her to “The Path,” her new Hulu drama series about a controversial faith-based cult. She plays Sarah Lane, whose husband Eddie (Aaron Paul), a convert to the cult, is secretly harboring doubts about the movement. Monaghan readily admits, “I don’t know anybody who’s not interested in cults or fringe movements but I saw a very unique world here and one where we could actually explore it.”

Sarah is a lifelong member of the movement and a longtime friend of its regional leader Cal (Hugh Dancy), who is also concerned about what’s happening within the group. Says the actress, “Sarah is having an identity crisis due to the fact that several people are keeping important truths from her.”

Monaghan relished her scenes with both Paul and Dancy. Her friendship with Paul, a three-time Emmy champ for “Breaking Bad,” goes back a decade to when he played her little brother in “Mission: Impossible 3.” She concedes this made their very intimate scenes awkward at first but she soon found herself able to settle into them “as our processes are very similar in terms of how we approach our work.”

Should Monaghan reap a Best Drama Actress nomination, she intends to submit the penultimate episode of season one, “A Room of One’s Own,” to Emmy voters. She described it as “very intense for Sarah. Her worlds essentially collide between her relationship with Cal and the movement while also saying goodbye to the only family she’s ever known.”

She recalls her surprise to earn a Golden Globe nomination last year for the first season of “True Detective” in the catch-all supporting actress race. “I didn’t even know that category was there!” She got the call while in visiting her husband’s family in Australia and thought the nomination was originally for “Fort Bliss,” a small indie film.

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