Pete Hammond and Tom O’Neil debate Best Drama Series

With two-time reigning champ “Game of Thrones” out of the running at this year’s Emmys, “We’re gonna have a new winner” for Best Drama Series, says Deadline’s Pete Hammond. Also gone is “Downton Abbey,” so the category will face a massive shakeup this year. Could as many as five new dramas be nominated? Watch Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil and Hammond try to predict what will happen in their video slugfest above.

“I think that ‘The Crown’ is gonna take ‘Downton Abbey’s’ place here, for those who love and can’t get enough of the Brits,” notes Hammond. “Netflix has really been campaigning here with all of their shows and they almost have too much. So for a show like ‘The Crown’ to be their crown jewel, as it were, is difficult because they also have ‘Stranger Things,’ another new show they’re pushing which won big at the SAG Awards.”

But O’Neil fires back, “I don’t know if I believe the ‘Stranger Things’ thing. Even though it won PGA and it won SAG and that should mean it’s automatically nominated, it’s still kind of quirky, isn’t it?” Hammond agrees, noting, “They are still snobs at heart, and they also tend to go with what they’ve voted before.”

Among the other new shows looking for their due are NBC’s “This Is Us,” HBO’s “Westworld,” and Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Speaking about the influx of streamers like Netflix and Hulu, O’Neil reminds us, “We’ve had ‘Transparent’ win a top Emmy with Jeffrey Tambor [for Amazon], but in these top categories we haven’t seen any other streaming service prevail.” Is that all about to change?

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