Rob Corddry Q&A: ‘Ballers’

“It’s so great when you produce and write a show that you feel so responsible for to walk into somebody else’s show and just be concerned with one role” admits “Childrens Hospital” creator Rob Corddry as we chat via webcam (watch above) about his part in “Ballers,” a raucous new HBO comedy set against the backdrop of ex-NFL players trying to make it in Miami. As he explains about his work on this hit show created by Steven Levinson (“Entourage”), “it’s like I’ve been swinging three bats in the batter’s box and I just stepped to the plate with one.”

Corddry plays Joe Krutel, a financial manager for sports stars at Anderson Financial. The actor says his character is “always one step below where he wants to be. He has a lot of ambition. He’s also very good at what he does, yet people underestimate him because he’s kind of a buffoon. He’s ‘the id.’ He has a zest for life and he’s the devil on your shoulder. He also never gets hungover – that’s his superpower.”

In the first season opener, Krutel is courting football players and gets coked up on a yacht. For Corddry, “this was the first time you sort of saw that this guy is the Id of the show. Before people thought he was annoying, now they think, ‘I want to do cocaine with him.’” He clarifies, “My character. I’m not as fun to do cocaine with.”

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