Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer Q&A: ‘Crash Test’

“We were very inspired by mass transit. We grew up seeing buses” says Paul Scheer as we chat with him and Rob Huebel via webcam (watch above) about their Comedy Central special “Crash Test.” As Scheer says, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, “it has been a life-long dream of the two of us to do a comedy variety show on a moving vehicle.” Huebel adds, “there are so few options for people that love vehicle-based comedy. There was a real need for comedy on a vehicle.”

As for how this special came together, Scheer reveals, “we thought how to do a variety show in a cooler and looser way, that was the idea of the bus. We’re out and there are things in the street affecting us non -top that we have no control over. We have to react to that.” Huebel recounts the method by which they put together the cast for this one-off experiment in comedy. “We thought it would be really easy to just call all of our comedy friends and say ‘We are coming by with the audience. We are going to bring them to you. Just be in your yard at 8:30.’” And Scheer clarifies, “no rehearsals, no second takes; we just start the bus, crossed our fingers and hope everything worked out.”

As Scheer observes, “for years the Emmys have failed to acknowledge vehicle-based comedy. We challenge the academy to be more diverse and include all types of comedy and all types of vehicles.” And Huebel notes, “we did our show on a moving bus in Los Angeles but you could do it on a boat, a jet-ski or on a hot air balloon; these are all vehicles.”

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