Titus Welliver Q&A: ‘Bosch’

“This is one of those jobs that comes along and you never want it to end,” says Titus Welliver as we chat via webcam (watch above) about his playing the title role in Amazon’s detective drama “Bosch.” (SPOILER ALERT: We discuss season two which premiered in March). Season three starts shooting this summer. “I’m really happy to be coming back, and we’ve chosen two really great books to use this season, so the bar keeps getting higher and higher.” Dish “Bosch” with Hollywood insiders in our notorious forums by clicking here.

“Bosch” is based on the series of detective novels by Michael Connelly, who is also a writer and producer of the series. The first season adapted the books “City of Bones,” “Echo Part” and “The Concrete Blonde.” Season two picked up with another trio of novels: “Trunk Music,” “The Drop” and “The Last Coyote.” But the third season is going all the way back to the beginning. “This season we’re using ‘Black Echo,’ which was the first book, and then we’re using another one called ‘A Darkness More Than Night,'” Welliver reveals. “[The writers have] really got their work cut out for them because these are two very complex cases.”

Season two introduced two major new characters: Veronica Allen (Jeri Ryan), the widow of a murdered porn producer, and Carl Nash (Brent Sexton), a shady ex-cop. Welliver worked with both before: on “Star Trek: Voyager” with Ryan back in 1999 and on “That’s Life” and “Deadwood” with Sexton — the latter of which earned them a SAG nomination for Best Ensemble Cast in 2006. “When you have a preexisting relationship with an actor, and a trust and mutual respect, it makes for better work,” Welliver says.

The sophomore season also brought Bosch answers regarding the murder of his mother decades earlier when he was a child. But it wasn’t the catharsis he might have hoped for. “I think we find him at the end of the season at a very low ebb emotionally. It’s kind of empty. When we come back in season three we’ll see the impact of that on Harry.”

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