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Exclusive interviews with top rivals for the 2015 Emmy Awards by Gold Derby editors.

"Anna's such a good person with a good heart. I don't think anyo..
"Edith has really evolved as a character over the series," reflects..
"I've never been super attracted to the likable characters, the nice..
Brothers Mychael and Jeff Danna are two of the most prolific composers w..
After more than a decade of making movies, “Peaky Blinders” star&..
“When I wanted to work in films in the United States, I wasn’t th..
During our recent webcam chat, three-time Emmy champ Jeremy Piven ("..
For “Manhattan” star Olivia Williams, this WGN period drama ..
"I remember them telling us about Paige and thinking, oh my God, it'..
Janet McTeer plays Julia Walsh, the head of British intelligence, in "Th..
During our recent webcam chat, Kaitlin Olson readily admits that her FX ..
Grammy-nominated producer Photek welcomed the challenge of composing the scor..
"It's beautiful that the critics have been extremely kind to the sho..
Rachel Brosnahan confesses during our recent webcam chat that she feared hist..
"I don’t know how much I know best about,” admits Todd ..
Jay Baruchel tells us he has found the perfect pitch for his new FX..
"Once in a blue moon, you get to play somebody you really wish you could..
“I consider myself a pretty articulate guy,” declares Darren Cris..
"I think the Emmys are more competitive than the Oscars at this point, s..
"We had three seasons when we pitched it, with an idea of what a potenti..
"I think it's only beginning to dawn on people that the end is nigh...
"Bob Odenkirk was always wanting to run lines, he was always very focuse..
Kyle MacLachlan is all over the Emmy ballot this year, with his name listed i..
“I actually auditioned for Nicky, Natasha’s (Lyonne) part, first ..
“Each season is a different animal,” reveals supervising editor A..
"Daddy Moses brings people to the promised land. He's an important c..
“It wasn’t part of the goal of the show to begin with,” adm..
You wouldn’t expect an intense drama like “Homeland” to fea..
"It was very pleasing and cathartic to see Joan's storylines bring u..
"It's nice that to get attention for the fact that we're trying ..
“This is the first time I have ever played Carol happy," reveals&n..
Zachary Quinto is a busy man with a diverse portfolio. In the first half of 2..
“I fell in love with it instantly,” declares Oscar winner Jennife..
“I feel like I’ve been working and progressing towards a characte..
With credits as diverse as “American Horror Story” “Major C..
"To be recognized in that way is just very humbling and overwhelming,&rd..
"The show really hinges on the chemistry between Oscar and Felix. That&#..
During our recent webcam chat, Kyra Sedgwick tells us that “Brooklyn Ni..
"We are just so ridiculously grateful, and I really do feel like our cup..
English actor Rupert Friend has played CIA operative Peter Quinn in the spy d..
The season eight finale of "The Big Bang Theory" was a shocker..
After four years starring on "American Horror Story" -- and playing..
When "Black-ish" debuted last fall on ABC, it was focused primarily..
"I will never lose sympathy for him because I'm depicting someone wh..
Is Bellamy Young, who plays first lady Mellie Grant, prepared to have th..
"Foyle's War" sprung from the fertile imagination of Antho..
During our recent webcam chat, Kathy Bates admits to being shocked when she w..
In WGN America's "Manhattan," Ashley Zukerman portrays a charac..
“It’s a comedy. As Larry David says, they should never learn anyt..
"Humor exists to get us through life," Ricky Gervais says in our we..
You may not know his name, but you’ve certainly seen his work. Kyl..
During our recent webcam chat, "The Amazing Race" host/producer Phi..
"We were nominated in the category of best thing that isn't a show. ..
"[Our show] is like a reverse 'Game of Thrones,' where instead o..
In the Emmy race for Best Drama Actress, Vera Farmiga ("Bates Motel"..
Eric Dawson has been Ryan Murphy’s go-to casting director for 15 years,..
“It’s so huge. If you had told me a year ago that I could even dr..
“I had to do a lot of research and acting workshops to just try and eve..
During our recent webcam chat, “Veep” supporting player Timo..
Kenya Barris was inspired by his own life experiences when he created the ABC..
“I think it’s limiting to say it’s a sci-fi,” declare..
Carrie Brownstein admits during our recent webcam chat that she just can..
Actress Khandi Alexander plays two very different women in HBO's biopic &..
During our recent webcam chat, "Silicon Valley" supporting player&n..
Composer Mike Suby’s career encompasses a wide variety of projects acro..
HBO shows characteristically spend years in development, but “The Knick..
As an actress, Caitriona Balfe gets the opportunity to give such a fireworks ..
"I take that as a compliment. The 'American idiot abroad' is an ..
During our recent webcam chat, "Modern Family" co-creator Christoph..
"[Abbi Jacobson] and I are suburban transplants," says "Broad ..
"The difference between good and great is an exciting find. We thought t..
During our recent webcam chat, Matt Walsh revealed that his “Veep&rdquo..
During our recent webcam chat, "Survivor's Remorse" creator Mik..
There was "tons of crying, a big party on set afterwards," says act..
Nathan Lane has won two Tony Awards but is still without an Emmy despite six ..
Hugh Fraser played Captain Arthur Hastings, faithful friend to Hercule Poirot..
"I would love to be the first. That would be phenomenal for the network,..
During our recent webcam chat, Viola Davis reveals why she wanted to do ..
"It is optimistic, and that is one of the underlying themes. Bad things ..
"I don't want to overstate it, but we were appropriately nervous abo..
For Emmy winner Richard Schiff, the appeal of the recurring role of the ..
"I was really terrified, but I was sick of not taking challenges because..
With its large ensemble cast and multiple storylines, editing an episode of &..
Composer Jeff Russo is a busy man: after reaping his first Emmy nominati..
We all thought that Michael Kelly’s character, Doug Stamper, had met a ..
For Fred Armisen, the inspiration for his hit show “Portlandia,&rd..
"We're living in a golden age of television," says director Les..
It’s “a show really about the people, and the impact of one of th..
During our recent webcam chat, Allison Williams reveals she was introduc..
“He has a set of rules that he lives by” says Benito Martinez abo..
"From about series four, we knew where we wanted to end up with the prin..
"Even in the end when she is waiting to be executed, she's very true..
During our recent webcam chat, director Ken Kwapis admits that his new Showti..
When it came to enacting the role of a victim of torture and rape in the seas..
Honeysuckle Weeks has played the part of Samantha Stewart (Wainwright), trust..
“He knows what he wants and he has a wonderful way of not making things..
“It’s a very favorite period of mine, simply because you can real..
For a show as densely plotted as Fox's "Empire," a mere 42 minu..
"There are some moments – like when I'm first working on a sce..
Actor and entertainer James Corden has had a lot of attention thrust upon him..
“I don’t know when you’ll see one. It was a good try though..
On "Outlander," if that fiendishly proud soldier "Black Jack&q..
"It's like a movie. Your value is how far you can go forward and how..
"We set out to tell a story that is suspenseful, but also pulpy, with nu..
"As in any marriage when there's a tragedy, it can either take a rel..
"That was probably the most nerve-racking experience I've ever had o..
"It was always going to be potentially quite distressing material,"..
"This was the hardest thing I've ever done, for sure," admits S..
He’s “a lost soul,” says Elvis Nolasco about his breakthrou..
Asked during our recent video chat about what makes her character Lee Pa..
"He’s been in an emotional paralysis for many years," reveals..
During our recent video chat, Emmy winner Bradley Whitford ("T..
On the fourth season of “Episodes,” Matt LeBlanc’s characte..
"As an audience member, I enjoy things not always wrapped up in a perfec..
The SundanceTV drama series "Rectify" tells the story of Daniel Hol..
What is the magical appeal of "Outlander" that's turned it into..
"It was that epiphany moment," admits Dane Cook when aske..
Actress Tika Sumpter took many lessons from the story of blues singer Bessie ..
"It's much more of an interior drama. It's much more about the l..
"So many people have said this to me, that you're almost rooting for..
"You know, I wrote a list of all the horrific things that happened to Ji..
"It's been a surprise because, you know, I was like a waitress two y..
"I wish I could say that I'm living the wild Hollywood lifestyle, bu..
"For the most part, I’m not paying attention. I really am just foc..
"'Sons of Anarchy' is one of those things that's gonna be ha..
"There’s a lot of balls in the air but I think at the end of the d..
"Having played Chalky White definitely was instrumental in me getting in..
"I think we're still figuring it out," says "Black-ish&quo..
"We are our most honest selves when we’re on the precipice of chan..
"She’s definitely heart-before-head and just dives into things alm..
"He is objectively horrible. No one should ever forget that fact. If any..
"Making the miniseries changed my outlook on many things," says Mag..
"All of the things that define Olivia Pope, the walk, the hair, the clot..
David Suchet played Agatha Christie's classic character Hercule Poir..
Aden Young had just wrapped season three of SundanceTV's "Rectify&qu..
"It's mind-blowing. You're not sure what you're saying, you&..
"The thing that struck me the most is the audacity of the script. It'..
"I read [the screenplay], and I wasn't sure what I read was real, so..
"I'd never done television before this … With a movie, everyt..
What impressed Anne Heche most about USA Network's limited series "D..
"I think everyone's got a bit of nasty in them. Whether they choose ..
"I loved the idea of her as this bully-saint," says director Dee Re..
"Yeah, how about that for the end of a relationship? A bounced-back emai..
"She’s damaged goods … she’s damaged by her past,&quo..
"In terms of understanding the biology of sex, Masters and Johnson did t..
"We took great pains to make it feel like this is the real Billy Crystal..
"It's fun. I can actually talk about it because I don't know any..
"What appealed to me about the character was basically that I got to pla..
Writer-director Hugo Blick has had a "lifelong interest" in the his..
"If the script is good and I could find some worthy telling of that stor..
"Love me, love me, love me!" proclaims scene-stealer Lorraine Touss..
"From the surface, it looks like a very simple homespun story about a qu..
"I've kind of walked in those shoes throughout my career. I know wha..
"She's still pretty lost and desperate, so I'm happy about that,..
"It's got politics in it. It's got religious intolerance and ext..
“Obviously, a lot of this show is sort of predicated on the songs,&rdqu..
You wouldn’t expect the Coen Brother’s bleak, nihilistic Best Pic..
"There is a lot of pressure now in the world of television to end a seri..
When “Veep” star Reid Scott was told, "Look you’re gon..
"I'm not as egocentric as my accomplice on FX. I am a lot less neuro..
"I don't think it could have ended any better. I will always have a ..
"I want to portray these weirdos!" yells Wendi McLendon-Covey to Go..
Will Forte ("The Last Man on Earth") has a lot of guts for creating..
"It's impossible to participate on any level in 'Homeland' e..
"You want to come in there and do something great and take big risks. Yo..
"The process to get this darn role was probably one of the longest audit..
"If subject matter is making me emotional, there's something there,&..
Nine-time Emmy winner Thomas Schlamme admits that creating a new world for th..
"It feels like shooting a movie every season because you get all the inf..
"The plan has always been that their relationship is kind of normal &hel..
FX's hit animated program "Archer" began its sixth season in Ja..
"I think [Fox] was a little nervous about whether or not people would tu..
In January, "The Daily Show's" former Senior Black Corresponden..
"It is true that everything slows down to a standstill and you can't..
"It's always awkward when you're meeting people that you're ..
Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn play estranged brothers in Netflix's fam..
The Netflix drama series "Bloodline," which premiered its first sea..
"It was total disbelief because it’s a nomination from your peers,..
"The series has been criticized for the kind of depressing tone to it, b..
Gina Rodriguez looks to make history at this year's Golden Globes by land..
Liev Schreiber ('Ray Donovan') chats with Gold Derby editor Chris Bea..
Ben McKenzie ('Gotham') chats with Gold Derby editor Matt Noble.
Joshua Jackson ('The Affair') chats with Gold Derby editor Matt Noble..
"Being an actor is great," says Carrie Coon in our video chat (watc..
"I just thought it was the most original and very unusual for a period p..
"There is no bag of tricks. You better get your act together, girl,"..
"The more I worked on it, the more I thought of my mom," admits&nbs..
"It's like a dream come true," said Lisa Kudrow during her chat..
On "American Horror Story: Freak Show," Finn Wittrock plays derange..
"There's a lot of twists and turns coming up, that's for sure,&q..
Justin Theroux wasn't sure what would happen to his character, small-town..
Ruth Wilson is a potential Golden Globes contender for her performance as a m..
"It was time for him to completely just lash out and completely just lac..
"It's all taking place in the shadow of this enormously terrifying a..

Exclusive interviews with nominees for the 2014 Academy Awards by Gold Derby editors.

Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil teamed up with ETOnline to ask some Oscar no..
“It’s impossible to not be fascinated and intrigued when you hear..
"There's more in it than just something about Polish history, all so..
The work of street photographer Vivian Maier has both excited and confounded ..
The Russian drama "Leviathan" has received international acclaim, i..
"There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from this story," says..
"I can always tell how much I like a screenplay by how fast I read it, a..
"You never anticipate, first of all, to be nominated for anything ... an..
"We are animals, and as animals, we want to be free," says writer/d..
While most kids went to summer camp to learn archery, "The Imitation Gam..
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu tries not to get too flustered by the compet..
If you were watching "The Grand Budapest Hotel" in a theater last s..
"I try to design costumes that say who they are in some ways, like Rapun..
"I was regularly very, very frightened making this film," says dire..
"I didn't anticipate getting the [awards] attention for the song ini..
"The sexuality was stuff I'd never done before in a film, but I had ..
"The biggest challenge was to create something that didn't feel tire..
"When you read 'Wild,' it cracks your heart wide open and you fe..
Visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin faced a sizeable challenge with "..
Nathan Crowley has earned Oscar nominations for his work on two Christopher N..
Gregg Landaker, who served as sound re-recording mixer on Christopher Nolan&#..
"Early on, I wrote 'love' on the cover of the script and circled..
When looking over the Best Picture predictions of 25 Oscar experts at Gold De..
After working with him on four films (the "Batman" trilogy, "I..
"There was some kind of a vision for this to happen. The moment there..
"I'm a realist … sometimes you're popular, sometimes you&..
"I wanted to make a movie about a jazz drummer that would play like a th..
"I think the music needed to very much underscore the emotions of the st..
When I tell "Whiplash" star J.K. Simmons that 14 of Gold Derby'..
Mark Ruffalo co-stars in the film "Foxcatcher" and is a strong fron..

Exclusive interviews with top rivals for Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Emmys by Gold Derby editors.

If there was a prize strictly for diversity among this year's Emmy nomine..
Mark Ruffalo stars in HBO's "The Normal Heart," about the early..
"I don't know if you can ever anticipate this. I mean, 12 is a lot o..
"It’s physically impossible to put words to how I knew both organi..
"It was a hefty show to do," Julia Louis-Dreyfus tells us about sho..
Allison Janney has a strong chance of winning two acting Emmy Awards in the s..
At January's Screen Actors Guild Awards,"Modern Family" star Ty..
On the most recent season of "The Big Bang Theory," nerdy character..
Josh Charles sure can keep a secret. After all, he knew for more than a ..
If Jim Parsons claims Best Comedy Actor at this year's Emmys for his work..
Edie Falco ls the only actress ever to win Emmys for leading roles in bo..
Matt LeBlanc revealed in our recent webcam chat (watch below) that he signed ..
During our recent webcam chat (watch below), "Scandal" star Ke..
Gay rights have come a long way since the play "The Normal Heart" w..
"You're gonna make me stress vomit, Marcus!" exclaimed Allison ..
Never underestimate Ricky Gervais in an awards competition. The subversive co..
Colin Hanks thinks of his character on the FX miniseries "Fargo,&qu..
"About a Boy" star  Minnie Driver revealed to Gold Derby durin..

Exclusive interviews with top rivals for Academy Awards, Golden Globes and SAG Awards by Gold Derby editors.

It's frustrating to watch Jennifer Aniston's character in "Cake&..
"The most nerve-wracking thing about the process is not getting it right..
"I think that people are going to … see it as a departure for Tim..
In 2012, musician J. Ralph earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song,..
"It’s all to me characterized by the character of the wind,”..
"Rob (Marshall), with his theater background, approaches this in a very ..
"I don’t think everything lends itself to be a movie," says &..
"With something like ‘Chicago,’ it’s all carefully cho..
"It started in 1998," says producer Matt Baer of the process of tur..
After making "The Theory of Everything," a biographical drama about..
Christoph Waltz won two Oscars for portraying diabolically snarky characters ..
For Shailene Woodley, playing Hazel in "The Fault in Our Stars" pre..
"Being an actor is great," says Carrie Coon in our video chat (watc..
Mary Zophres has created costumes for more than 40 films but has never had to..
As Lee Smith has edited all of Christopher Nolan’s films since “B..
"When we were on set, we took things very much to the extreme," Jos..
"'Noah' happened in March, so I'm glad to remind people that..
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association often embraces international stars at..
"I think there are similarities – not many, but there are," s..
As Mike Leigh's new film "Mr. Turner" reveals, famous British p..
After reaping an Oscar bid for Best Original Score for “How to Train Yo..
During our recent webcam chat, cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema admitte..
Before writing the screenplay for "Wild," based on Cheryl Strayed&#..
Antonio Sanchez is a Grammy-winning jazz musician, but "Birdman" is..
"The interesting thing about animated films is they take ages," say..
Veteran sound wizard Randy Thom did double duty on DreamWorks Animation's..
How important is an Oscar now when when filmmakers like Tommy Lee Jones set o..
"I love the fact that ['The Homesman'] is something that people ..
Channing Tatum admits "Foxcatcher" was a painful film for him to ma..
"Are the performances worthy of awards? Do they touch an audience? Do th..
As Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything," star Eddie Redmay..
So how do you turn Hollywood heartthrob Eddie Redmayne into Stephen Hawking? ..
"I didn't want people to think the film was limited to someone not m..
"It does play like a thriller," admits Miles Teller about "Whi..
Damien Chazelle ('Whiplash') chats with Gold Derby editor Tom O'N..

Winners for the 2014 Emmy Awards chat with Gold Derby.

Producer Christopher Lloyd is on the verge of making Emmy history... again. H..
The easiest Emmy prediction is picking what will win Best TV Movie. "The..
Editor Bill Turro reaped his third career Emmy nomination for cutting th..
Just how enormous is the cast of Netflix's red-hot prison dramedy "O..
After more than two decades of directing TV comedies, Gail Mancuso picked up ..
Uzo Aduba is riding high as a first-time Emmy nominee as Best Comedy Guest Ac..
Back in 1981, when Ann Druyan co-wrote "Cosmos" with her husband Ca..
"I thought [the finale] was perfect, I really did," Anna Gunn told ..
With the Tony Awards coming up this Sunday, it's time to check in with th..
Noah Hawley knows he took on a daunting task by adapting the beloved Osc..
During our recent webcam chat, we asked Joe Morton to clear up once and for a..
The revolution will be webcast. That's what director Jehane Noujaim a..

Nominees for the 2014 Emmy Awards chat with Gold Derby.

Christina Hendricks just earned her fifth consecutive Emmy nomination for her..
Alfonso Gomez-Rejon directed 11 of the 13 episodes of "American Horror S..
Christine Baranski. has reaped an Emmy bid as Best Drama Supporting Actress&n..
The success Laverne Cox has found in Netflix's "Orange is the New Bl..
The third installment of Ryan Murphy’s "American Horror Story"..
Despite the mega success of "Breaking Bad" at the Emmys -- includin..
The third season of "Veep" had a surprise ending with U.S. Vice Pre..
When director Adam Bernstein joined the "Fargo" production team, he..
Jane Fonda is back in the Emmy derby competing for Best Guest Drama Actress f..
A four-time contender for Best Reality Host for "So You Think You Can Da..
Receiving the first Emmy nomination of his three-decade career for "Veep..
Visual effects supervisor Dominic Remane recently scored his second Emmy nomi..
"We're thrilled to have yet another Emmy nomination," said &quo..
"The research was really intense," admits Emmy nominee Karri Farris..
Don Mischer is not only producing the Emmys again this year (for the 12th tim..
“Writing the music for ‘Fargo’ has been really the highligh..
"Sometimes there will be a really silly idea, and we almost want to thro..
"That was probably, next to getting married and having my child, one of ..
During our recent webcam chat (watch below), Joanne Froggatt admitted to..
Amy Schumer, star of Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer," was..
The name of veteran awards show producer Ken Ehrlich (Grammys, Emmys, MTV Mov..
For awards pundits like us, Louis J. Horvitz is the king of all directors, ha..
Gareth Neame, the executive producer of "Downton Abbey," says ..
"The truth is that I am a little dumb, and sometimes I'm a little sm..
"From an acting standpoint, ['American Horror Story'] is the bes..
Last year "The Voice" pulled off what no other singing-competition ..
Ellen Burstyn already has two Emmys on her crowded mantle and could well..
"The World Wars" is the new History Channel documentary about World..
Whoopi Goldberg once told talk show host Larry King that she was giving up ac..
"House of Cards" creator Beau Willimon says he was "astounded&..
This season of “Game of Thrones” has proven to be an intense one ..
Margo Martindale is a strong contender to receive an Oscar nomination for her..
Lizzy Caplan ('Masters of Sex') chats with Gold Derby editors Matt No..
Idris Elba ('Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' & 'Luther') c..


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