February 2023 movies: 10 most anticipated releases

Late winter and early spring are typically a dead zone for quality movies, but January gave us Brandon Cronenberg’s visceral arthouse sci-fi “Infinity Pool” and a sleeper hit in “M3GAN.” Between two high-profile thrillers, a major release from Marvel, and a buzzy indie from Australia, February looks even stronger.

The month kicks off (no pun intended) with “80 For Brady” and “Knock at the Cabin,” both of which are predicted by box-office analysts to sit atop the first weekend of the year that isn’t owned by “Avatar: The Way of Water.” When “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” drops on the 17th, 2023 will also have its first bonafide blockbuster. As for Valentine’s Day options, February is offering up a Netflix romcom with a great celebrity pairing, the third entry in the “Magic Mike” series, and an LGBTQ+ drama from the director of one of 2022’s best filmmaking debuts.

And at the very end of the month, moviegoers will finally get to see “Cocaine Bear,” an early contender for the year’s most memed movie. Scroll through our selection of 10 new titles should be added to your February watchlist, and stay tuned for March picks!