As if Jon Stewart hasn’t won enough awards …

As if Jon Stewart hasn’t won enough awards, now he suggests he might win one more – for his aimless, (but very funny) rambling with recent “Daily Show” guest Ricky Gervais.

Stewart and Gervais acted completely silly throughout the segment, making fun of everything from Stephen Hawking to Jay Leno to HBO’s slogan. Acknowledging that they had ventured off script, Stewart referred to how other TV emcees shun improvisation. “So many of these hosts of these shows prepare,” he giggled to Gervais. “Who needs that?”

“Are you saying that we’re going to put this interview out? What we just said?” Gervais gasped.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we win some type of award,” Stewart said. “I don’t know what that award would be …”

Gervais suggested it would be called the “F—ed up Idiots Award.” The audience cheered.

Maybe even an Emmy – even for this loosey-goosey episode? It sure seems “The Daily Show” can win for anything. It has won the Emmy as best variety series eight consecutive years. Many award pundits (including Gold Derby) thought that the “Daily Show’s” reign would end last year, yet Stewart triumphed over the likes of the mistreated Conan O’Brien and the overdue Stephen Colbert. Even though Stewart didn’t show up for the acceptance speech, he clearly still relishes the victory.

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