Darrin Dortch: Grammy nominations sink to new lows

Why can’t Grammy voters ever get it right? For every great nomination this year, there’s an outrageous snub. Before I tear into Grammy voters for flubbing the nominations yet again, let me congratulate them on a few noteworthy inclusions (and exclusions) this year.

1) Let’s all let out a collective sigh of relief. Trashy pop star Ke$ha was completely snubbed. Her new album is flopping so hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this talentless trash.

2) Five relevant songs are once again nominated for Record of the Year. We don’t have any head scratching WTF? nominees like “Please Read the Letter” and “Here We Go Again.”

3) Breakout female rapper Nicki Minaj only received one nomination.

4) Arcade Fire’s Album of the Year nomination is richly deserved. Let’s hope they pull off a massive upset.
That’s all the praise I can muster up right now. I can’t help but focus on the head-scratching snubs and undeserved inclusions.
1) “Bad Romance” being snubbed in Record and Song of the Year is one of the very worst snubs in Grammy history. You don’t even have to be a Lady Gaga fan to realize this is one of the defining songs of the current dance/pop movement.

2) Did voters really have to shower Eminem with 10 nominations? “Recovery” is a huge commercial success, but the reviews are pretty tepid. The excessive love for “Love the Way You Lie” in Record, Song and Music Video is nauseating.

3) The luminous Corinne Bailey Rae, a past Record and Song of the Year nominee for her debut, was once again snubbed throughout the pop and R&B field. Her single, “I’d Do It All Again” is one of the year’s most understated gems.

4) Cee Lo’s “F**k You” was nominated for Record and Song of the Year but was absent from the R&B Song category.

5) Beyonce won Pop Female Vocal last year for “Halo.” Why is she nominated again this year for a live version?

6) Did they really have to nominate the “Glee” cast for Pop Group Vocal?

7) Justin Bieber and Susan Boyle’s albums sold very well, but the material is garbage. Yet voters didn’t have a problem nominating them for Best Pop Album over more deserving candidates like Sheryl Crow.

8) As predicted, Florence + the Machine received a well deserved Best New Artist nomination, but “Dog Days Are Over” was ignored in both the General and Rock fields. Shameful! Why must rock continue to be an all boys’ club?

9) Chris Brown and R. Kelly’s latest albums were critical and commercial bombs. Why do they each have multiple nominations in the R&B field?

10) The R&B field has, once again, produced the worst set of Grammy nominees. Sade’s “Soldier of Love” was snubbed in R&B Song and R&B Album while Alicia Keys is inexplicably missing from R&B Female Vocal and Song (“Un-Thinkable”) and R&B Album (“The Element of Freedom”).

11) Did voters really have to omit Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue” in Country Group Vocal? It’s one of their best and most popular singles to date. I guess Sugarland is too pop for the country voting block now.

12) Janelle Monae’s “The Archandroid” is the best reviewed album of the eligibility period and only managed to get two nominations in the R&B field.

13) Meanwhile, Katy Perry earns an Album of the Year nomination for an album that received horrible reviews and isn’t even selling very well.
As there is some quality material among the nominees,  let’s hope NARAS redeems themselves somewhat on Feb. 13 when they announce the winners.

Image: Grammy Awards logo (NARAS)

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