Kudos never unanimous about best picture but everybody loves Jack

Comparing the winners of the top film awards leads to a conclusion that we award nuts have secretly known all along: there is no such thing as a best picture.

Over the past forty-five years, the leading industry and film-critics’ honors have lined up for just upon one film — “Schindler’s List” — in 1993.  Then the rest of America had the nerve to pipe in and ruin everything giving the People’s Choice Award to a different Steven Spielberg picture, “Jurassic Park.”

The kudos can’t agree over the greatest (or most trophied) movies. None of the three films that won the most Oscars (“Ben-Hur,” “Titanic,” “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King”) is among the five that claimed the most Golden Globes (“Doctor Zhivago,” “The Godfather,” “Love Story,” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and Barbra Streisand‘s version of “A Star is Born”) or the two most hailed movies by the New York Film Critics Circle (“Broadcast News,” “Far from Heaven”).

However, all of the major film awards count the same biggest winner among male actors: Jack Nicholson. He has won the most Oscars (three; tied with Walter Brennan), Golden Globes (six), New York Film Critics Circle (seven), Los Angeles Film Critics Association (three), National Society of Film Critics (five), and National Board of Review (five) prizes. Russell Crowe surpasses Jack by a score of 3 to 2 at the Critics’ Choice Awards from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. However, those are fairly new prizes, so Jack could catch up with Russell there someday. And the same can be said for the Screen Actors Guild where Daniel Day-Lewis holds a pair to Jack’s single trophy.

No such consensus among the kudos exists among actresses. Oscar’s biggest female champ Katharine Hepburn (four) never won a Golden Globe while the Globes’ biggest victor Rosalind Russell (five) never took home a competitive Academy Award. Meryl Streep has won the most awards from the L.A. critics (four) and has a record two lead and two supporting awards from the National Society of Film Critics. Sissy Spacek is tops with the New Yorkers (four) while Ingrid Bergman is aces with the National Board of Review (four).

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