Pete Hammond: ‘True Grit’ is instant Oscars contender

While Steve Pond (The Wrap) doesn’t deem “True Grit” to be a gamechanger in this year’s Oscars derby, for Deadline‘s Pete Hammond, the film “would seem to be an instant contender for nominations in several categories including Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Actor for Bridges, Supporting Actor for Damon, Editing, Cinematography (from longtime Coens collaborator Roger Deakins), Music and Costume Design.”

Pete adds that, “as for Jeff Bridges’ chances of triumphing in the Best Actor category for a second year in a row, no one has ever won an Oscar playing the same character that won the Academy Award for another actor, in this case John Wayne’s Cogburn. And then there is 13-year-old Hailie Steinfeld who adroitly manages the Coens’ brilliant wordplay and doesn’t just hold her own but often steals the show: Paramount plans to campaign for her for Supporting Actress, an easier category this year where she probably stands a very good shot at a nomination particularly considering this is really a leading role giving her lots of screen time.” However, he cautions, “The biggest drawbacks for this darkly funny PG-13 ‘True Grit’ Oscar-wise would seem to lie in its original cinematic origins.”


The debate about the Oscar hopes for “True Grit” will be reflected by our experts in revised rankings in the days to come. Currently, our 18 experts, including Pete, rank “True Grit” in the seventh slot on the Best Picture list while Bridges squeaks into fifth place among Best Actor nominees. Both Damon and Steinfeld are rated among the stronger supporting contenders.

Photo: Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit” (Paramount)

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