Pixar gets stamps of approval

On Tuesday, the United States Postal Service announced a series of stamps featuring five Pixar animated features. Among this quintet are characters from the three most recent Animated Feature Oscar champs — Remy the rat and Linguini (“Ratatouille,” 2007); the robot WALL*E (“WALL*E,” 2008); and Carl Fredricksen and Dug (“Up,” 2009) — as well as Buzz Lightyear and two of the green, three-eyed aliens (“Toy Story,” 1995) and Lightning McQueen and Mater (“Cars,” 2006). Those latter two groupings are instead of characters from the other two Pixar Oscar winners “Finding Nemo” (2003) and “The Incredibles” (2004).

The stamps will be issued in four different denominations each on Aug. 19. As the USPS announcement said, “Since 1986, Pixar films have stretched the boundaries of our imagination with stories about unlikely heroes who explore the bonds of friendship and family. Now some of those heroes are the subjects of colorful new Send a Hello stamps that encourage people to connect with loved ones through the mail.”

Image: Send A Hello series (USPS)

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