Poll: What will win Golden Globe for Best Drama Picture?

Major mystery surrounds what will win the Golden Globe for Best Drama Picture. On one hand, you can easily imagine members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association opting for that stylish, heart-tugging English drama “The King’s Speech.” Even recently, they proved that they adore British fare, opting for “Atonement”  (2007). Previously, winners in this race included “The English Patient” (1996) and  “Sense and Sensibility” (1995).

But those foreigners within HFPA often like to go out of their way to prove how hip they are about cool Yankee fare. Last year, for example, they opted for “Avatar” over Oscar fave “The Hurt Locker.” That means they may embrace “The Social Network” now — or at least its director David Fincher. It doesn’t happen frequently at the Oscars, but Globers often split up the awards for Best Picture and Director. 

More than half of Gold Derby’s experts predict “The King’s Speech” will reign. About 30% say”The Soci al Network” and the rest expect a surprise knockout punch by “The Fighter.” See the full rundown here. What do YOU think?


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