Will ‘The Event’ be meaningful to Golden Globe voters?

Even though “The Event” hasn’t been lighting the Nielsens on fire, NBC just ordered enough episodes to complete a full first season. It is one of the most popular TV series among people who record programs to watch later.

Voters at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have shown affection for other science fiction and/or serialized dramas over the past few years, including “Lost,” “Heroes,” “Prison Break,” “24,” “Alias” and “The X Files.” They especially like to be the first to honor new shows before the guilds and Emmys take over a few weeks and months later.

As for the actors on “The Event,” only Jason Ritter and Blair Underwood would seem to have good chances for nominations. Of all awards shows, the Golden Globes are most known for rewarding children from within the entertainment industry. They even have a Miss Golden Globe, an annual tradition in which a Hollywood daughter hands out the trophies.

For that reason, Jason Ritter might stand a shot in the lead actor race. His late father, John Ritter, received five Golden Globe nominations and one win in his career. Blair Underwood will be competing in the supporting-actor category, a familiar one to him and voters since they have nominated him twice for “L.A. Law” in 1991 and “In Treatment” in 2009.

Photo: Jason Ritter and Blair Underwood in “The Event” (NBC)

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