Abel Korzeniowski inspired by Madonna to compose score for ‘W.E.’ [Video]

Composer Abel Korzeniowski was shocked to learn that Madonna was one of his biggest fans and wanted him to do the music for her new film “W.E.” As he tells Rob Licuria, “I said ‘Madonna? The Madonna?’,” explaining that the pop superstar loved his Golden Globe-nominated score for “A Single Man.”

“W.E.” tells the story of a woman (Abbie Cornish) entranced by the infamous love story of King Edward VIII (James D’Arcy), who gave up the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough), the woman he loved above all else.

Korneziowski’s score for the film integrates two time periods – the modern day drama of 1990s New York and the love story set in 1930s Europe. His composition places particular emphasis on string instruments, in similar fashion to his score for “A Single Man,” weaving the film’s two time periods together by evoking the film’s overriding themes of love, obsession and the concept of celebrity.

Drawing parallels “naturally” with Madonna herself, he explains: “When we see only the facade of the things that we [admire] in celebrities and stardom … it’s really hard to see how hard life can be on the other side, and how every move is scrutinised.” 

Korzeniowski may make his way into the crowded Original Score race at the Oscars, having garnered a Golden Globe nod this week. Reflecting on his Globe bid for “A Single Man,” he enthuses about the impact of his scores, particular on those moviegoers not as familiar with classical music.

Abel Korzeniowski talks to Gold Derby from Rob Licuria on Vimeo.

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